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Artists Features:

Artist Feature: Darkest-Lunar-FlowerShare the art
The artist Darkest-Lunar-Flower is an 18 years old female artist from the United States who's been on DeviantArt for 2 years, and also who I consider as a really good friend. During that 2 years she has made some really sweet, funny, cute and inspirational artworks which I think deserves to be shared among other artists. She currently has 654 watchers. Here are some of my favorite artworks from her:

These artworks are really well made, the coloring on the images looks really smooth and gentle, the facial expressions are really good, funny and cute
Artist Feature: skyflysShare the art
The artist skyflys is a 26 years old male artist from the United States who's been a deviant for 8 years. He has been on DeviantArt for a very long time and in that 8 years he has made some quiet good artworks which I think deserves to be featured among other artists. He only has a 170 watchers and considering the quality of his artworks he should have some more. Here are some of his artworks:

These artworks are really well made, the shadings looks really nice, the artworks are well detailed, the facial expressions are really adorable and cracks a smile on your face and the concepts of the artworks are also quiet lovely. If you guys like these artworks go check him out
Artist Feature: waterz-colrxzShare the art
The artist waterz-colrxz is a 16 years old female artist from the United States who's been a deviant for 1 year. During that 1 year she has made some really nice looking water colored artworks which I think deserves to be shared among other artists. She has put a lot of effort and care into her artworks as well, and considering the quality of her artworks she should have way more watchers than 91. Without any further do let's feature the artworks:

These artworks are really well made, the quality if the images are very smooth and pleasing to the eye, the coloring looks really good, the lightnings and shadings are on point, the body structures looks really natural and good and the facial expressions a
Artists feature: Wallpaper EditionShare the art
In this feature I'm gonna feature some really talented wallpaper artists with a low fanbase, who I think should deserve way more followers considering the amount of effort and quality they put into their work. Without any further do, let's feature the artists:
The artist SammyMLP is a female artist from Australia, who makes some really good wallpapers. She's still looking forward for tips on how she could improve her artworks since she's not very experienced with creating wallpapers but her works are quiet good. Here are some of her best works:

I think these wallpapers are really well made, it clearly seems that the artists tries her best to improve and I think for that she really deserves to have some more followers. If you like her artworks feel free to watch her, send her a Llama, give her some support and tips and I hope she will become a top notch artist.
Artist Feature: Margo24Share the art
The artist Margo24 is a female artist from Belarus who's been on DeviantArt :deviantart: for 3 years. During that 3 years she has uploaded some really good fanarts which I personally like and would like to share them with you guys as well. She currently has 296 watchers so if you guys would like to support her go check her out, leave some nice comments, watch her and give her a Llama. She's also a really nice person. Here are some of her best works:

I think these artworks look really nice and they should be seen by more artists. Again if you like
Artist Feature(10th feature): garrenn / Imbirgiana:iconLaszl:

The artist garrenn is a female artist from the United States who is been on DeviantArt for 11 years. She is been here for a long time, more than a decade in fact. She currently has 632 watchers and she uploads mostly video camera captures, but she has also uploaded a My Little Pony artwork that I think came out pretty great and deserves to be shared among other artists. Here is the artwork:

I think this artwork looks really good, I love the colors and I also love how the image has a watercolor effect. The shading and lightnings looks really spectacular and overall it just looks amazing. If you like this artwork then I encourage all of you to go and check it out, leave some nice feedback, watch her if you wish, give her a Llama all that delicious stuff. Again as I said earlier she mostly uploads camera captures and non-mlp stuff so do not be surprised if she will not pos
Artist Feature: DandelionCharmThe artist DandelionCharm is a female artist from Philippines who's been on DA for only 2 months so she is new here. In that meantime she has created 2 really nice art piece which I think deserves to be featured among other artists. She only has 2 watchers which is very low in my opinion comparing to the quality of her artworks. Here is the 2 artwork:

I think these 2 artworks looks quiet nice, and I'm sure in the future she will make much better stuff. If you like these artworks and would like to support her, give her a watch, comment under her art, give some advises / tips because I'm sure she would appreciate it. She's also currently looking for some tip and advises on how should she improve. I hope this gave her enough confidence to continue improving on her arts.
Until then, have a great day / night and I'll see you guys later.

Code by Whizavy
Artist Feature: Worldlofldreams + huntercwalls:iconLaszl:

The artist Worldlofldreams is a female artist from Russia, who's been on Da for 1 year. In that meantime she made some really good My Little Pony artworks that I think is worth to be shared with other artists as well. Here are her artworks:
I think these artworks are really well made, and they should get some attention. If you guys like these artworks, go check out Worldlofldreams, leave some nice feedback, give her a watch, share her stuff if you want to and hopefully her artworks will become shinier in fame.
The artist huntercwalls is a male user from the US, and he's been on DA for 2 years. He made 2 really well made artworks that I really like, so I decided to also include him in the feature as well. The 2 artworks he made are these ones:
Artist Feature: FotasyArtist Feature: Fotasy
The artist Fotasy has been around DA for 11 months , and in that meantime he made some really great artworks that I think they deserve to be featured. Here are his artworks:

I think these artworks are really well made , and they should get some more attention. He currently has 198 watchers , so if you guys would like to help him out , make his artworks worth even more go check out his account , watch him , comment and all that good stuff.
Until then , have a nice day.

Code by Whizavy
Artist feature: SweetHearts11Artist feature: SweetHearts11
I was just browsing on DA and I found this rather new artists called SweetHearts11. She's been on DA for only 4 months and the content she makes is really beautiful and sweet, so I have decided that she definitely deserves a feature. Here are some of her artworks:

I think they look gorgeous and they definitely should be seen by more eyes. If you like her contents go check out her account, leave some support, leave some nice feedback on her arts and I hope she will become famous one day.
Until then, see you guys later.
IDDAT- Rarity by MajkaShinoda626
Code by Whizavy
Artist feature: SugaryIceCreamMlp:iconLaszl:

Artist feature: SugaryIceCreamMlp
This user called SugaryIceCreamMlp is a rather new artist on DA. She's been on DA for only 2 months and I think she deserves to be featured because she makes some really astonishing artworks. Here are some of her great art pieces:
Princess Luna - Rainbow Power by SugaryIceCreamMlp In The Darkness by SugaryIceCreamMlp
These artworks are really well made and the amount of care, love and effort that went into them really makes them worthy for the eyes of the viewers. If you guys want you should definitely go and check her out, give her a watch, leave some support on her page/artworks and I hope she will shine like a rainbow one day.
Until then, have a great day/night.
Cookie divider by littlegrimoire
Custom Box Header Art Status by Dri-Bee
Free Divider - Cookie - by ChibiMoguFree Divider - Cookie - by ChibiMogu
IDDC -Twilight Sparkle -Art status by MajkaShinoda626RAO -Art Status -Sunset Shimmer by MajkaShinoda626IDDAT- Rarity by MajkaShinoda626
CODE BY Whizavy
Artist Feature: apexpredator923This user/SFM artist called apexpredator923 :iconapexpredator923: is a quiet underrated sfm artist from South Africa who has only 42 watchers. He makes some really impressive sfm artworks and gif animations, and he really deserves some more attention and feedback considering how much time and effort he's putting into his works. The gif animations he's making is really funny and creative and his sfm pictures are quiet breathtaking.
Here are his gif animations

Once again these gif animations are really hilarious and they definitely should get some more attention. He's also apparently looking for advises on how he should improve his gif animations. So I'm pretty sure he would appreciate some support.
Here are some of his SFM artworks

Really well made artworks and they really need to get some more attenti
Artist Feature: darksly-zThe user Darksly-z :icondarksly-z: is quiet a talented unnoticed artist who only has 87 watchers and he really deserves some more attention. He makes some quiet fascinating artworks such as:

These artworks are really well made, and they really should be seen by more people. So yeah, go check him out, give him some support, give him a watch and hopefully he will be noticed more eventually.
Until then, Have a nice day! :heart:
Artist Feature: Xjenn9I just discovered this deviant user called Xjenn9 :iconxjenn9: who has some really fine art, that deserves way more attention. She's been on DA for a long time (6 years) and she has only 211 watchers. She makes some really good artworks like:


So yeah, these artworks really needs some more attention, because they are very well made, and they just simply look gorgeous and it's quiet unfortunate that she only gathered up 211 watchers with artwork like these and in 6 years. I think she should deserve at least like over a thousand followers. So come on guys, let's give her some watchers, show some support on her account because she really deserves it.
Artist featureI was browsing through DA and I found this really underrated artist called focusb :iconfocusb:. They only have 49 watchers, and that is really a small amount of followers compared to the art quality they make, and they've been around DA for 1 year.
Here are some of their well made work:

So Yeah guys. These artworks are really well made in my opinion, and it's quiet sad that they get such a low amount of recognition. If you guys want, you could go visit their account, give some support, give them a watch, leave some constructive comments on their stuff, and hopefully this person will get their artworks to be noticed by more people. 
Until then, Hope yall having a nice day!

~ Princess Celestia, 2017


Stop the MLP hate by SparDanger It's kinda sad really. by PandaSennin Am I right people? by PandaSennin Save Your Breath 'bout MLP by Mistralla KIDS SHOW KIDS SHOW KIDS SHOW by endler Because, y'know, they could e doing worse stuff. by Catthylove NO THEY'RE NOT THEY'RE VAMPIRES by endler I like all the main 6 ponies stamp *edited* by CritterInvasion MLP THE MOVIE - STAMP : THERE IS A SPA! by MlpSundash My Little Pony The Movie- Stamp by MlpSundash MLP Princess Luna Stamp 3 by Kevfin DA Stamp - Twilight MLP 01 by tppgraphics MLP Stamp: Twilight and Cadence Dance by MaxxLava I like MLP stamp by Llama-lady MLP:FIM: I Love Changelings by AvatarRaptor Discord Stamp by jewlecho Stamp: MLP is no exception. by Catthylove Anti Princess Molestia Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Anti Trollestia Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Princess Celestia - stamp by V1KA Cutie Mark Crusaders Stamp by Kevfin Princess Luna Overrated Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Princess Luna is Overrated [Stamp] by Shiiazu Twilight and Spike as Friends by KittyJewelpet78
Anti- celestiacord by VelocityOfTheNight Letter to Celestia Stamp by MikariStar Intel Stamp by 3enzo Nvidia Stamp by 3enzo Nvidia stamp by RicktwStamps Punk Rarity Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96
Lightning Dust Deserved It Stamp by Lyakar Ooh, you guys are gonna HATE me for this... by Nuclearzeon2 I'm sure this has been said many times... by Nuclearzeon2 go back to clopping to ponys ponfag!!!!!!! by Sweetie-Pinkie Instead, you look immature by SonamyPrincess FlutterSparkle stamp. by xMayii
My little Pony the MOVIE Stamp  by MissToxicSlime 038 by mapleshaded 043 by mapleshaded Critiques wanted by prosaix Daily... by prosaix Pony Shift by azianwolfdoll
Pinkie Pie Hypnotized by vampirebatsahh Stamp: Everyone Needs Encouragement by starfire-wolf Stamp: Always Believe in Yourself by starfire-wolf Spirit Day. by Hurricane-Hannah Best Friends Can See It by mylastel Friendship... Stamp by mylastel
Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Everyone Loves Me Stamp by Khrinx Art Block Stamp by Khrinx F****************k by XxDiaLinnxX Celestia Stamp by Mintaka-TK :thumb699733832:
Starlight Glimmer stamp by Tamatanium [Stamp] Starburst by Tambelon [Stamp] BrightButter by Tambelon [stamp] TempestLight by chroniqlo 052 (pinkie pie/princess skystar) by mapleshaded starlight and trixie stamp by hyenatxt
Anti Pedophilia Shippers/Shipping Stamp by Iesbeans If you like something I dislike I won't hate you by Pale-Blanket Anti-Vore Stamp. (READ THE DESC) by Sheezii Because Apparently, This Isn't Obvious by Mintaka-TK MarbleShy Stamp by Dreamy-Daze Comments stamp by Tamatanium
Watcher stamp by DaRk-Stamps You are loved (Stamp) by ELLlOTT I really love deviantART by Asagi-Hyuuei Feedback Appreciator by Abblecrumble Cola Stamp by KiBster This kind of the girls really exists by LawendowyOscypek
There is no difference other than the word 'girl' by Little-rolling-bean .:Nothing Else Can Compare:. by Mitochondria-Raine I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21 Friends stamp by Meddle689 Friendship stamp by JinZhan STOOPID stamp by inkscripter The Early Stamp by Busiris Not Ignore by JinZhan 1000 langages stamp V2 by Synfull Treatment Stamp by SailorSolar Against Bullying Stamp by starfire-wolf Rainbow Rocks (Large) by azianwolfdoll
Criticism - Stamp by JWiesner Ignoring Vs. Flaming Stamp by tiirikka friends STAMP by peterdzign Support Creativity by Putri-984 Originality by Putri-984 stamp: not lazy by ohhperttylights Music Stamp by JetProwerTheFox I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 I Love My iPod Stamp by angelslain Photoshop Stamp by mushir Milka Stamp by poserfan iloveMACCAS by ANDASKAstamps I Love Fanta by andrissca Pepsi by number03 Don't believe everything by OriCoz Manners by OriCoz Comment Stamp by Poiizu Stamp 37 - Deactivation by satakigreendragon Pay For Faves by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Internet Death Threats by Neozaki Not Free by Dametora Emotional Boys stamp by nothinplz U told me u didn't liek me bullying? BAWW!!! by Little-rolling-bean Be afraid for I like PICTURES OF blood! by Little-rolling-bean And Makes for a Fucked Up Fetish by AClockworkKitten Bullshit Excuse Stamp (READ DESCRIPTION) by MamaBearShiva A Dark Subject, But I'm Pretty Sure Everyone Does by Mintaka-TK Because Either we Take Them for... by Mintaka-TK I Still Have the Right to Criticise... by Mintaka-TK For God's Sake, I Can Defend Myself! by Mintaka-TK Pls learn what trolling and harassment mean. by World-Hero21 Good Lord, This Crap is Dangerous! by Mintaka-TK Introversion and extroversion by Yurilys All rapists are losers by Akhnaton-II WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE by Mintaka-TK Discrimination Of All Kinds Sucks by Mintaka-TK I AM AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT ARTIFICIAL! by Little-rolling-bean Respecting Opinions? Ehh I Won't Respect Hate by wwwarea Its not a prank, its harassment. by Little-rolling-bean Some Jokes Can Cross the Line by Mintaka-TK Death Threats Are Not Criticism by AnScathMarcach It's Still Pedophilia by AnScathMarcach

Art Statuses:

Commissions: No commissions

Requests: Ask me about it

Art Trades: No art trades


Tenacity Idea Motivation Energy


Mlp Fim Rarity (wow) vector by luckreza8 Mlp Fim Rarity (wow) vector :iconluckreza8:luckreza8 49 7 Plainity [Rarity] Nude by TwistedScarlett60
Mature content
Plainity [Rarity] Nude :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 88 4
Plainity [Rarity] by TwistedScarlett60 Plainity [Rarity] :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 67 6 Wut by FrownFactory Wut :iconfrownfactory:FrownFactory 14 0 Booty by The1Xeno1
Mature content
Booty :iconthe1xeno1:The1Xeno1 20 2
Pinkie Pie (Commission) by Duskie-06 Pinkie Pie (Commission) :iconduskie-06:Duskie-06 64 4 EW GLITTERS by FeatherShine1 EW GLITTERS :iconfeathershine1:FeatherShine1 12 7 Mystical dream by Ellysiumn Mystical dream :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 422 35 Fixing Mr. Bear by skyflys Fixing Mr. Bear :iconskyflys:skyflys 23 7 Cozy Glow | by waterz-colrxz Cozy Glow | :iconwaterz-colrxz:waterz-colrxz 13 1 Evil Twilly | by waterz-colrxz Evil Twilly | :iconwaterz-colrxz:waterz-colrxz 20 3 Rarity Teacher by RacoonKun Rarity Teacher :iconracoonkun:RacoonKun 568 23 Twilight Sparkle Maid by TwistedScarlett60
Mature content
Twilight Sparkle Maid :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 366 63
Twilight Velvet Maid by TwistedScarlett60
Mature content
Twilight Velvet Maid :icontwistedscarlett60:TwistedScarlett60 247 7
ATG-D22-2018 - A Hot Warm Rarity by Dusthiel ATG-D22-2018 - A Hot Warm Rarity :icondusthiel:Dusthiel 53 2 MLP Base movie style by pink1ejack MLP Base movie style :iconpink1ejack:pink1ejack 57 2

Starlight Love Box


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"How many points do I recieve" ~Princess Luna, 2012

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Journal History


Zsurka Laszlo

About Me:

I'm just an ordinary hobby My Little Pony wallpaper artist, who's still looking forward to improve in wallpaper making. If you like what I make feel free to watch me, so you won't miss out on my newest stuff.

My YouTube channel:…

My Derpibooru account:…

Wallpaper usage:

You are allowed to use my wallpapers as long as they are for non-commercial purposes.

Rules of my page: (Including requests and other stuff)

1. No hate/negative comments on my page please. I will not tolerate any negativity on my profile either towards me or my watchers or the persons I'm friends with. All the negative comments will be hidden and the user will receive a warning. 3 strikes and you get a permanent block. Thank you.

2. No spamming on my page. Spam comments will be hidden and you'll receive a warning. 3 strikes and you'll be blocked.

3. No stealing! Stealing my artworks might be resulted in your account being reported. If you want to use my arts you'll have to ask for permission first.

4. I only accept wallpaper requests about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, if you provide a resource then it has to be on a transparent background and also needs to be in a high resolution (4,000 x 2,000 at least). Request that I'm incapable of such as: drawing, vectoring will not be accepted. I have the right to reject requests if I feel like it's something that I can not do due to lack of skill or time. Please do not be upset if I reject your request. If you want to request a generic wallpaper with regular vectorised ponies, then you do not have to provide a resource. Wallpapers with OCs will only be accepted if a proper high quality resource on a transparent background is provided.

5. I do not do role-plays.

Favorite Ponies


Twilight is my favorite pony because I can relate to her in many ways. Twilight values friendship more than anything, like me. Plus she often gets nervous whenever something seems out of place or unusual, which is also a thing I can relate to her.


Rarity is an another one of my favorite pony because I can relate to her in terms of generosity. I'm a quiet generous person so Rarity fits to me well. She also pays attention to the little details whenever she creates something just like I am when I create a new wallpaper, so that's an another thing I can relate to her.

Favorite Villain

Queen Chrysalis

I found Chrysalis the best villain out of all simply because of the fact that how carefully planned and thought out her evil plans are. She also has the best villain design and the way how she can easily abuse the power of deception is simply amazing.

Favorite Reformed Villains


Discord is my favorite reformed villain because of his extremely funny and mischievous personality and the way how he can change or adjust everything around him, including himself just amazing. Plus he was the smartest villain in the show.

Starlight Glimmer

Starlight is an another one of my favorite reformed villain because her past how she became evil can be related to so many people around the world. It's insane how a friendship neglected life can influence someone's personality. She was never evil, she just basically lost her only friend she had which led her allowing her feelings to control herself, then right after she just made friends with the mane 6 she returned to her normal status. The reason why she's my favorite is because I can relate to her so much in having my own feelings controlling me.

Favorite Princess

Princess Celestia

Celestia is my favorite princess because she's very underrated and I love her personality. I can relate to her in personality. She can be very nice and forgiving and also she can be cruel and truthful, just like me. She loves and adores all of her subjects.

Favorite from the Friendship students


I find Ocellus the best out of all the 6 students of Twilight's friendship school. The reason why I find her the best is because she just really grew on me. I love how much care / encouragement she shows towards others like Yona and I love her nice and smart personality. She's pretty much like the Twilight of the group.

Language Skills:

Hungarian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Hungarian

American English language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English

Italian language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Italian

Romanian Beginner Level Stamp by Hiyono-chan1209 Romanian

Spanish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage Think before comment stamp by HappyStamp Never... by prosaix

IDDR -Art Status -Rainbow Dash by MajkaShinoda626 No comment? Stamp by Little-Vampire Comments welcome by KillboxGraphics Thanks for viewing by KillboxGraphics

All fav's appreciated by KillboxGraphics I don't bite stamp by FrightFox I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko i dont smoke by sergbel

IDDC -Twilight Sparkle -Art status by MajkaShinoda626 Adobe Photoshop User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Google Chrome User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Microsoft Windows User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel

Paint.NET USER STAMP by delade I Heart Choco by sirocco-rc obtrusive by sergbel Age Stamp by Tivari

Armony and Equality in the both sisters by Lyra-senpai Motivation - Or not. by AssClownFish I HAVE NO GODDAMN ANGER PROBLEMS! by SuperMarioFan65 RAO -Art Status -Sunset Shimmer by MajkaShinoda626

Favorite bands:

Me when I'm getting ideas:

My reaction to slow internet

Welcoming new watchers

To all the people who un-watches me

Goodbye fellow follower. It was great having you here.


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