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…at least for the time being.

Some of you may have noticed that the patterns are no longer available for download.

Here's why.

When we started Lastwear we were very into the idea of open information.  You might even say we were a little starry eyed about it. Open source was on the rise, people were successfully marketing themselves through free electroic distributions of their ebooks, songs etc. and still making sales to pay the bills.  It looked like sharing was the way to go.

We liked that fact that it flew in that face of conventional business practices, thumbed it's nose at corporate colonialism.  In a world where people seemed ever more distrustful of businesses large and small, open sourcing our work seemed like a way to show we were for real.  That we weren't just in it for the money.

We felt confidant that any sales we might lose to folks downloading and sewing their own gear from our patterns would be more than balanced out by the increased exposure.  We thought being the first truly open source clothing company would be something that got people talking.

Sadly, that hasn't been the case.

While it seems that many people certainly like the patterns, and a few of you have even been so nice as to voluntarily pay for them, the exposure we were hoping for never materialized.

We've had very little by way of feedback (on person to date blogged about their use of our pattern and kindly sent pictures) and we're not seeing any clothing sales that we can attribute to making the patterns available.

We have heard that some folks are sewing garments from our patterns to sell. That's fine, we never said you couldn't, but it would have been nice to be contacted .  To know that we could expect some business sent our way too?

The other big problem has been the extra work that releasing the patterns entails.  Unlike open source software, we have had to put many hours into converting patterns from the file format we use for production, into a more widely readable format.  Even once we do that then it becomes an ongoing tech support issue to try to figure out what software on what system will work to read them properly.

On the other side, amongst those of you who do buy our product, no one seems to list our open source philosophy as the main reason for buying our clothes.

So we had to ask,

If our customers don't care about us being open source, and making our work available doesn't make us any sales but instead costs us money, why are we doing it?

The truth is, we don't have a good answer for that other than to stop.

As I write this, I'm genuinely sad about it, it feels like the abandonment of a cherished belief.  Being copy left (almost militantly so) has been a big part of who I think of myself as for almost a decade now and it's very hard to let that go.  As things currently stand though, all the evidence I have says I was wrong and at this time I'm not willing to gamble my livelihood on it.

Lastwear is still committed to promoting small independent businesses and personal creativity of all types.  We still love maker culture.  We're just going to have to find other ways to support it for now.

We hope no one is too horribly disappointed about this and we certainly encourage your feedback on the issue.

I will continue to post sewing tutorials and perhaps further down the road, when we're not scraping to get by month to month, we'll be able to start offering patterns again.

-Thom B.
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A curious plague has broken out at the Lastwear Journal offices: comments and messages by non-existent people. They are odd individuals, these folk without physical being. They often seem to have opinions about the items posted on the Journal, and then loose the thread; they ramble on about other topics and often blather meaninglessly. Almost as if they were the ghosts of ideas once partially formed, but are now drifting free in the Aether that is the interwebs.
The writers are, of course, S.p.@m-bots. We dare not speak their names, for it calls them onto our site. Even using the S-word calls to them. Rather we shall call this kind of post as "luncheon-meat", which is what the original product was, after all.
As an Historian Archivist of the LastWorld, we are familiar with the notion of ideas having a life of their own. If enough people believe something, no matter how little foundation in reality it has, the idea can grow and take form; have impact on the real world. In a curious way, the luncheon-meat writers are demonstrating an underlying principle of the LastWorld: If enough people believe it's real, it becomes real.
These little luncheon-meat writers are having a positive effect, however! Their level of English (And Esperanto) usage is very low: they are primitive, mindless little creatures at best. Because of this, if someone wants to have their comment posted, they must write intelligible, properly spelled, grammatically correct English. Otherwise, our Luncheon-Meat Removal Officer will simply expunge them! Please continue to reply to our journal entries, writing in clear, Standard English (or Esperanto) and be assured your words will be heard!

Were to find more lastwear ---->
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I reject the notion of infinite economic growth as being false. Fortunately as we're an LLC and will never become a publicly traded company*, growing the business each quater to meet share holder demands is a non issue.
What is, I feel, important is to have an idea of what enough is.
It was my step uncle who I first heard express the concept of

"Work to earn a living, not a killing."

It's a pretty good mantra for anyone who's interested in both business AND ethics.
So what does a living look like?
Well personally I feel that an income of around $50k inflation adjusted, would be completely adequate with the provisos of flexible working hours, paid vacations, good health care and the ability to work from wherever I want.
So that's where we're setting our long tearm goals.
A company that can provide that level of compensation for all it's employees.

Of course, in the end it's about quality of life. So really that income figure is based upon the life that I feel would make me most fulfilled.
But it is harder to develop long tearm plans with a compensation plan that reads:

    Shelter in a modestly sized dwelling
    Plumbing and electricity
    Quality local food
    Ability to travel

But those were the things I was looking at when I arrived at 50K.
In the end, if you want to be happy, it helps to know what makes you happy and have a plan to get it.

*Unless regulations on capital markets and a curbing of fiduciary responsibility or a full accounting of all reality's moving pieces allows for business without externalities.
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Hello there folks,
Starting Monday the 23rd (tomorrow as I write this) We will be beginning our "Staying in Business Sale"
What's that you ask?
We'll you are no doubt familiar with the crazy deals one often finds when a business goes under.
This is basically the same except that if we can sell enough stuff by the end of February we get to stay in business.

This winter has been a really hard one here at lastwear, with an unexpected drop in sales, that has really put us on our uppers.

We need to reach a sales goal of 10K by the end of February if we want to keep going. If not, we'll likely have to shutter our doors.

So here's what we'll be doing.

One or two styles a week will be seeing a dramatic price reduction on our website. We'll only be keeping each item on sale for one week though so you'll need to keep checking back or follow us on twitter to catch the great deals.
If you can help us spread the word and enough people take advantage of what will be some really low prices we might just make it through.

So if you like great deals, and you like small American businesses who make quality products then help us out and treat yourself to some awesome clothes at the same time.

Ps. To our existing customers and fans, really the biggest thing you can do if you'd like to see us stay in business, is to help us reach a wider audience.
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Our production patterns are now all available for download from the market on our website Currently most of them need a bit more work to make them usable but we wanted to post them as soon as possible and fix problems as we go (or let you folks do that).

Consider the patterns to be in Beta.

The patterns are all available as .dxf files so you'll need some sort of CAD software to make use of them.

They will need the following things done to them to make them usable.

    Lines need to added to the seam allowance (3/8 or 3/4″ in most places)
    Labeling needs to be fixed, cut quantities need to be added.
    Some pieces need to be mirrored

If you want to take a crack at this please leave any questions in the comments section or this post.
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What do we mean by open source clothing?

The fashion industry is a little bit of an odd ball in this era of intellectual property rights.  It's almost impossible (at least for now) to get a copyright on a clothing design.  This is primarily due to aspects of IP law that relate to utillity and because frankly, in the world of clothing, there is nothing new under the sun.

The clothing industry is, after all, notorious for copying.

So if copying is the norm, why do we call ourselves an open source clothing company?

Well, four things.

First:  Lastwear actively encourages people to copy and adapt our designs.  We've seen more than one pair of trousers that look like our Steeplejack design apear on Etsy recently and Lip Service's "military pants" bear a certain similarity too.  Frankly we're delighted to see others developing a similar style of trousers.  It means that there will be greater market acceptance for the look and we'll make more sales.

Second:  As of December 21st all of our production patterns will be available for download from the market, priced at whatever you think they're worth.  As far as we're aware, no other comercial clothing manufacturer makes their patterns available in this way.   What we hope is that we'll start to see others modify our patterns and release their own variations and tutorials.

Third:  Not only are we releasing our patterns but we show you how to sew them.  Lastwear will continue to produce written and video tutorials showing you how we make our garments.

Fourth:  We have a super secret project under way.  We can't tell you what it is yet but it's pretty damn exciting, we'll be releasing details in the new year so stay tuned
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November 25th 2011

One Day Only

All items, double price!

No delivery before January 1st, 2012!

No anti-sale items may be returned or exchanged for any reason

Lastwear, Taylors at Arms, the Seattle Open-source Clothing Company has responded to Corporate Colonialism by having the world's first anti-sale, deliberately raising its prices by an unbelievable 100% for one day only!  Now you too can take advantage of this unsupportable piece of free market exploitation by getting fleeced by a business that is entirely up-front about ripping you off!

Other retailers drop their prices from the usual 100% mark up for product making it seem like you are getting a bargain, when in fact the only people benefiting from this bit of free-market chicanery are the businesses themselves. Not the customers: the Big box retailers are making a healthy mark up, and selling more by getting people who would never buy at the full mark up. Not the small shops and local producers, who can't compete.

But Lastwear plans on taking advantage of the post-Thanksgiving consumer feeding frenzy by upping their prices and refusing even the usual customer services of early delivery and exchange or return agreements. No, on November 25th, 2011, Lastwear will openly bilk you by charging more and giving you nothing but a chance to get their outstanding, high-quality fashions at twice what you would pay on Saturday.  

A spokesman for Lastwear explained, "It only makes sense for a clothing company that rejects the standard business model by being open source with its designs and production should reject the marketing ploy of artificially boosting sales by taking part in the so called Black Friday Sales. Our prices are fair all the year around. We don't have to cut prices to attract customers. So instead, to present the shoppers with a real alternative, we've raised our prices across the board, so that on one day a year, we do what the other shops do. The difference is, we're honest about it."

If Lastwear does in fact sell anything during the Black Friday Anti-Sale, the extra 100% will be donated to Occupy Seattle, to help fight Corporate Colonialism.
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So you might have been wondering why we haven't been on very much in the last year or so.

We have been traveling around the US a bit selling our wears. We will be once again at Steam-Con on Oct 14-16 in WA. with Some new Items and a lot more stock then you see on our Esty Store.

NEXT UP...Yes!  The Website project .... you might have seen from a post we currently have a working website. It is currently taking a little time for us to get use to it and having another thing for us to update means somethings are get pushed to "when we have time."

New Stuff will be on the way shortly but you just have to wait till.....

THE BABY IS BORN (not yet) Lyssa lead Fm designer and head of events... is having a child (girl, due Nov9th) This has put some of our plans on hold for a bit but we are moving forward on some stuff just wait till DEC.

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You might have herd of it.

it is a awesome table top book full of all different elements of the Steampunk world: The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange Literature.

Oh and Yes lastwear is in there Fashion chapter.

Steampunk—a grafting of Victorian aesthetic and punk rock attitude onto various forms of science-fiction culture—is a phenomenon that has come to influence film, literature, art, music, fashion, and more. The Steampunk Bible is the first compendium about the movement, tracing its roots in the works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells through its most recent expression in movies such as Sherlock Holmes. Its adherents celebrate the inventor as an artist and hero, re-envisioning and crafting retro technologies including antiquated airships and robots. A burgeoning DIY community has brought a distinctive Victorian-fantasy style to their crafts and art. Steampunk evokes a sense of adventure and discovery, and embraces extinct technologies as a way of talking about the future. This ultimate manual will appeal to aficionados and novices alike as author Jeff VanderMeer takes the reader on a wild ride through the clockwork corridors of Steampunk history.

Praise for The Steampunk Bible:

"The Steampunk Bible is an informed, informative and beautifully illustrated survey of the subject."
-The Financial Times

"The Steampunk Bible is far and away the most intriguing catalog of all things steam yet written."
-The Austin Chronicle

here is a… to one of many of the online locations were you can purchase said book
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Countdown to two more conventions. AND YES we will be at both this year

Thom and Nick will be running a booth at norwescon


Lyssa will be sharing a booth with Zeon Kitty

hope to see you there!!

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Traveling Traveling and More Traveling

The Lastwear Crew is heading to AZ for this upcoming weekend

we have more traveling happening later on this year

Let us know about event near you
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Hey we are back for SteamCon and getting ready for the New Year.  

This is Lyssa
- I have recently cleared out a lot of Lastwear’s Images from our DA. We had over 300 images and a lot of them were bad pics. To add to that Lastwear just did two fashion shows with a lot of great images. So I wanted to refresh our DA page and update everything just a bit. Now I am down to only 200 yeppy.

- In other news Happy Holidays every one!
Lastwear is having a Holiday Sale on our etsy Store.  15% off till Saturday with coupon code SAVIERO2010. We have all of our stock of pants on Esty right now and I am working on getting all our hats and others, up too.  December 18th will be the last day to get anything by X-mas for the US and I think Canada but don’t quote me on that. Sorry to everyone else in the world I think it would be cutting close or missing X-mas and becoming new years if you order by the end of the week. But if you buying for yourself then you should be fine.

- Now you might be wondering about Vests…. Hmmm I am still waiting on them from the factory. I am starting to sew a few at the house so I can put them on-line, but they take me a few days. Soon hopefully we will have two Kinds of Pinkertons one called Pilsner Cut and the othere Stout Cut. Then for the Ladies soon we will be having Teasdale come in three different cuts Pear, Apple, and Hourglass.  We are also working on different vests to add to our line, but they are still in test mode.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday
LOVEZ the Lastwear Crew

Also you can fallow us on our Facebook Fan page… or See thomb's random lastwear updates on our twitter!/Lastwear
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You might be wondering why we havent update alot  of late wellll.... one word STEAMCON.

it is november 19-21st and we are doing two fashion shows and having a booth sooooo.... Back to sewing

member of the Last Crew
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Hello folks,
Want an awesome new comic to read?
Want to learn about a world where you can help write the story and decide what becomes cannon?
Then go check out Virtuoso by John Munger and Krista Brennan.

If you like it and you want to see it continue go here to help support the project.
Bonus to following this link, there's a cool video!
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Hello folks,
Our Friend Noah who modeled the fabulous Amber Guard cuff links that we are offering as a reward on our Kickstarter project has a dA page :iconimprobablecog:

If you're in the market for a unique jewelry item then you should most certainly go and check him out.

Ok, since we're a little late, we'll run this till August 31st.

Here's how it will work.
If you want to get one of the pay what you like Pinkertons or Teasdales
Send an email with "Pay what you like vest" as the title line.
The information we'll need is as follows,

Chest measurement just below the arms in inches. Don't forget to breath in deeply.
Waist measurement in inches measured just above the top of the pelvis.

Undebust - measure around the chest just below your bosom. Breath in.
If you plan on wearing a bra with your Teadale, measure with the bra on as the under-wire will change your measurement.
Waist measurement in inches measured just above the top of the pelvis.
High hip - mesure around your hips right at the hip bone.


If you have an unusually shaped body, put on some tight fitting clothes and have a friend take front, back and side shots and attach them to the email.

Once we have received your email we will check your measurements and confirm whether or not we can make a vest in your size. Then you'll send us what you think the vest is worth via paypal.

Limit is 1 garment per customer.

Available colors: Dark brown ONLY. Don't even think of asking for another color in conjunction with this offer ;)

Delivery schedule:
Controlling costs for these garments means we cant afford to start making them until all orders are in. Production will therefore begin Sept 1st.
Delivery will be 4 to 6 weeks later.


The Base Price for the Pinkerton will be $45
The base price for the Teasdale will be $40
Shipping for both will be $15

That amount covers the cost of the fabric, the buttons and what the factory charges us for cutting and sewing. That's it.
That means if you pay $45 for the Pinkerton we make $0 - the cost of our time/labor taking the order and packaging it up.
Our hope is that enough of you will pay more than $45 so that those people who can only afford $45 can still get one and we won't lose money doing it.
If this goes well and we actually make a little money we will continue to offer a new style/color of clothing, at a pay what you like price, every other month.

IMPORTANT: As this information is posted in several different places we will only be answering questions through emails sent to with "Pay what you like vest" in the title. If you leave a question here we will ignore it, we're just too busy to go chasing after people who don't read the instructions. Thank you for you cooperation - The Management
Hello folks.
After a very pleasant conversation with Adam yesterday an interesting idea emerged.

Were going to do a pay what you want run of clothes.
Obviously we cant afford to lose money but I reckon we can offer a run at cost of production.

So here's what we're going to do.

From July 21st until August 21st we will take pre-orders for dark brown canvas Pinkerton and Teasdale Vests.

The price for these garments will however much you want, starting at our production cost plus shipping.

Simple as that.

So here's some answers to peoples questions.

Our production cost for the Pinkerton is currently about $30 for labor and around $8 for materials.  So the minimum price for a Pinkerton would be about $38.
The Teasdale would be slightly cheaper.
Our retail prices are $150 for the Pinkerton and $130 for the Teasdale.

This run is entirely experimental.  Whether we do any future runs will depend on how many people are willing to pay more than $38 for a vest.

If this works out and enough people are willing to pay a price that makes the whole run worth our time we'll do more.
Currently the plan would be to do runs of one or two styles at a time and with all the garments made from the same color/type of fabric.  
That's for logistical reasons.  
There are fabric minimums that we have to buy and the more colors/styles the harder it would be for us to meet those minimums roe each fabric.  
That is the main problem we're encountering right now in terms of having more styles available at any given time.

In the end, the more people are willing to pay for the products, the more new styles/colors we will be able to roll out


On another note.
We have most of our patterns available in .DXF format. However, for these to be useful to people the files need to be worked on. At the moment we don't have time to do that.
We want to get our patterns onto our website for download in as many usable forms as possible so if you're interested, and you have experience with CAD/vector programs and also know how to read complex nested patterns, then we'd love some help.
So here I am basically pushing the same post asking strangers for money.

Here's why.

What's so interesting about Kickstarter is that it performs a number of different functions in 1.
Obviously it gives creative people a way to fund their projects.  But it also does market research.  There are 750 of you out there who will see this.  You like our designs enough that you want to see more of them.  Maybe you plan on buying something from us at some point down the road.  Here's the question that Kickstarter allows us to ask.

Do you think what Lastwear is doing is cool enough that you'd throw down a dollar?

If you think that Small creative companies who are trying to operate outside of the conventional models of business,  
Who are trying to prove that there are alternative, ground up, community supported models for business out there,  
Who are working towards a completely transparent model of business (and god knows we have a long way to go, but we are trying)that allows others to learn from our mistakes and build on our successes,  
That keeps money, jobs and diversity in their communities where it does the most good,
If you think companies like that are what the world needs more of, not less,

Then consider donating just $1.

It doesn't just help us grow a business that we hope will earn us a modest income doing what we love without having to compromise our most dearly held principles and beliefs.
It shows that there are others out there who want the same thing.

The more backers that we can get on Kickstarter the higher ranked our project becomes and that means more people will get to see it.  And that's way more important than the money in the long run.


Thom B.

P.S, if you have a project you're trying to get off that ground, check kickstarter out.  It's a really cool idea.
Think of it as Barn Raising for the 21st Century.
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*update on the bottom*

Hey there folks, things here at Lastwear HQ are going pretty well, but we'd really like to kick things into high gear this year.  
To that end we're launching a Kickstarter project to raise so money so that we can really step up our production.
If you'd like to help us make it in a tough economy please consider making a donation.
Think about it, there are 752 of you guys who watch us here on dA.  If each of you could spare just $5 then we'd be over 1/2 way to our goal!
Even if you can't spare anything, please help us spread the word.  
There's a super easy to use widget that you can embed, or you could stick a link on your Facebook page, tweet us or whatever you can think of.

Don't forget, by supporting this project, you're not just helping one business, you're supporting a whole new model of creativity.  If you've been paying attention to the financial crisis you'll know that what's important for businesses, especially small businesses, is liquidity.  The ability to move money around the economy.  Banks used to do that, but as we've seen, they are no longer worthy of our support.  What we need is a distributed ground up economy, where rather than working to pay off loans and see all the wealth rise to the top, we work to support each other at the base.
Thanks to all of you for helping us get this far,

The Last Crew


Hey guys This is Lyssa from the Last crew,

Kickstarter is off and running, We have 17 people now and each day we tell more and more individuals about our project but it still isn't enough. We need help. So please share this link with your family and friends. The more people know about it, I do think, the more we have a chance to complete our goal. And if we don't make the complete goal by the date we don't get any of the money.

So I was thinking if all my friends donated a dollar (if they wanted to) and shared it with their friends and they donated a dollar and so on we would be able to make our goal, but the catch right now is getting my friends to at least read and post it. Soooo,if you could at least do that for Lastwear that would be great.

I have posted everywhere I think I can so help would be wonderful.

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Updates from us come very slow of late, since we have been trying to get orders filled from Norwescon, but we also have been doing a lot of other things behind the curtains.

Like the last update: Our web site will be shiny and new hopefully by mid to late June. This will hopefully be better for all who is trying to find out more about Lastwear and what we do.

SO in May we have been making some other new shinys for people to look at.

For The Guys:
The Pinkertons… are here and can be created in assortment of colors: Brown, Black, Green, and Tan. To add the our vests we have another Style cut of Pinkertons coming out for the guys that has more love in the tummy area.

BROWN SteepleJacks…, yes brown. We have been getting a lot of request for Brown twill Steeplejacks and we should, by the end of the month, have that option available for you. So SteepleJack will be coming in 4 color choices Black, Navy, Gray, and Brown twill. ALSO we are thinking we might also have them available in canvas So that your Pinkertons and SteepleJackes can match.

Oh and So you know you gentleman have had a pair of pants designed for you by Thom B and Jawn, Now The Green Fairy, Lyssa is going to have her turn. Hopefully by the end of may Lyssa will have her addition to the men's line designed for you to see. But since we don't put just anything in to production. Lyssa will have to wait to see what you think, before she gets the okay to move forward.

Now for the Ladies

You have waited for along time, but alas you only have to wait a little more, The Teasdale… Cloverdale… and just one/two months to go till the option for you to have it in your closet will be here. The sample sew is being created and hopefully being tested out in the manufacture this month. We have already picked the fabric for the first run. So all we are waiting for is to see how things sew up at the manufacture to see if any changes need to be made to the pattern for quality insurance.

Also we are working on Pants for you too. Cuz the buys cant have all the fun nope.

And more mini top hats are on the way. We are also we will have bracers for the ladies and Sleeves as well but those Sleeves are not just for girls.
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