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Webcomics Tarot - III The Empress - Veled

From the Wikipedia page ([link]):

The Empress is mother, a creator and nurturer. In many decks she can be shown as pregnant. She can represent the creation of life, of romance, of art or business. The Empress can represent the germination of an idea before it is ready to be fully born.


... Bet you never thought you'd see a pregnant Veled, did you?

This is actually a picture taken from Veled's second pregnancy, a few years before the events in the comic. Of course, even then she was still a very public figure... and for that matter, so was the pregnancy.

It's like she was trying to make a point.
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Other artists got to do the other cards for the project. Maybe if they start a new deck...
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Ya know, even though Veled was already a terrifying character, the idea of her having had children TWICE makes her even more so.

I always found her to be a fascinating character, with terrifying power and a willingness to use it for...a variety...of purposes, but able to be bogged down by red tape. Once some of her 'motivations' are revealed, she becomes even more complicated!

Every time new stuff like this (her pregnancy) comes up it serves as a reminder of just how much depth you've put into the entire Last Res0rt world, and just how many undiscovered facts and secrets are lurking to send us on yet another 90 degree turn.

I wonder who the next person we get more glimpses of will be....
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Veled is very much a politician -- which is just as well, since she'd have a hard time dealing with her life otherwise.

As far as "who's next", I think it's safe to say Gabriel is due to fess up a little more... especially as Jigsaw's "story" got driven off-topic and cut off before she could finish it. ;)
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Well, it seems the latest page will start fixing that ^_^ It'll be nice to see more, though everyone guessing all the time (violin?) has been fun!
Her stomach kind of reminds of the pregnant stomach of the alien from Alien Mine.

To think that Veled made every effort to be in the public eye when she was pregnant does seem like she was trying to make a point and being her second one at that.

Something tells me if she was making a point, she probably wasn't much different from how she acts in public if not pregnant.
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Well, her first one wasn't a public spectacle, which was "part of the problem".

Not seen Alien Mine... should I seek it out?
Though I suppose there is something in this that sort of makes me wonder about Veled's relationship with Cypress?

During the total time that they spent together in the comic thus far, it seemed that Veled almost had an aunt, mother or grandmotherly presence in Cypress's presence. Even the flashbacks seem to hint that Veled has had relations with Cypress's mother for some time.

I use to think that Veled was to busy to have anything other then a proxy family with Cypress or something with how she interacted with her. I gues this page shows that she can play many roles and can play them all if necesarry at any moment. She's a very crafty and capable Celeste.

Still a very nice picture of Veled pregnant.
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Veled and Cypress don't interact as much as you think -- Melody is a friendly bridge between the two, though.

Veled has spent the better part of two decades doing what she's doing as a political figurehead. We can assume by now that she's as reasonably good at it as she's going to be.
Well I guess from what we've seen of her and her interactions with star org.

I guess that Jigsaw is lucky that Veled seems to be watching out for her instead of someone like Murphy.

Just out of curiosity, just how much interaction would Veled have with miss chief of security, Veled being the Endless's Messiah and all?
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Less than either of them would like to have, although actually admitting it would be suicidal.
Seek out enemy mine?'s basically a story of the human race in a fight for their lives with a reptilian alien species and to survivors from each side crash land on a planet and have to work together to survive it.

If the story interests you from there, maybe. But I'm not going to suggest it only for your picture reminding me of. I think it was made in the 1980's or close to that.
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Wow, I think this is a great piece of art! :D
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