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Hey, bands get to make posters advertising their next shows... why shouldn't I?

This is more "Pop Art" in terms of it being less of a scene being illustrated and more conceptual. I may also do a variant where it's just Jigsaw without all the background noise.

I'm also finally taking my own advice and adding a trackable QR code so I can figure out if the poster has any effect.

Designed to be printed up on 11"x17", so the actual posters will have wider margins. Not intended for sale unless I get some REALLY. GOOD. RESPONSE. *hint hint*
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How does the trackable QR code work? How can you use it to find out if the poster has an effect?

I have no smartphone or anything like that, so I have no idea how it works@_@.
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Basically, you make a trackable URL (using their system), and you use that URL in your code. Or you use something like that already has built-in analytics so you can keep track of how many people go through that URL (which they would only have in theory from scanning your QR code.)
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Ah, okay! I'll keep that in mind, thanks! These kinds of things always escape me because I'm kind of a Luddite...
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SHIT! That worked!!

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Never seen a QR code with a center image?

Most machines are pretty good for compensating without it...
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No, the whole QR Code thing is new to me! And I have never seen one with a picture inside. Interesting, interesting indeed!
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While I recognize the foreshortened pistol as a comic reader; I can also see someone thinking Jigsaw has a weird organic-cybernetic arm instead of the pistol. Other than that it's pretty good.
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I debated that too - I decided against fighting it just because I couldn't figure out a way to keep it from looking like that.
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This would be a good one for your portfolio as well, just saying
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That would be the intention: building it as we speak.
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