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Dark Maiden

After being alive for so long, Rose finds it difficult to maintain lasting relationships with those close to her. This realization soon takes its toll on her, as the only companion she seems to have is a re-animated doll.

Rose was born a normal girl, but was infected with an illness, and eventually succumbs to it's effects. Despite her appearance, she is actually 300 years old, kept alive only by a makeshift heart. This later destroys any friendships she may have gained when they realize that everyone around her ages as she remains the same. As years go by, she watches as those she used to know pass on. She later finds friendship with a young woman who goes by the name of "6".

The bond that they share gives her hope in the fact that there may be good people out there after all.

character by :iconlastrequiem657:
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xDladyDx's avatar
I like the eye for detail and how you draw the lines. Very nice!
LastRequiem657's avatar
Thanks, glad you like the details.
thoughttrainderailed's avatar
Nice job on the details!
LastRequiem657's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like it. 
Dodukeks's avatar
I like the design of the clothes :D
LastRequiem657's avatar
simonpark81's avatar
cool dress design, i think it would look so much cooler still with colour though!
great work, you have obviously practiced the manga style for quite a long time!
LastRequiem657's avatar
Thank you! I'm really considering adding color to some future drawings.
simonpark81's avatar
that would be awesome! I love colourful art :iconhurrplz:
Milavana's avatar
Love the details! \o/
Maarel's avatar
Amazing work.  Are you planning to color it?
emarexarts's avatar
love ur art style btw, i reallylike how u portray ur character!
LastRequiem657's avatar
Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it. :)
Greaser-Wolf's avatar
I love how your lines are not the same, they go from thin to thick or vice versa! Awesome job!
LastRequiem657's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like the drawing. :)
TheKawaiiGarden's avatar
The design of her dress is adorable!~
LastRequiem657's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like the dress.
Zemroth's avatar
she's cute but she gives off a vibe like you shouldn't trust me :)
LastRequiem657's avatar
Lol, yeah I can definitely see that. Thanks a lot. :)
Marcusrafaelft's avatar
Very good work! :D 
Cera-Miaw's avatar
wow the design is amazing!OWO
and you drew it so clean
I mean when I draw with pencil it tends to get up messy from moving my hand all over the paper
but whoaw.. you just did it really awesomely!OWO"
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