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We are LastMinProductionz, an independent costuming organization specializing in animation and game related costumes. The company was founded in April, 2010 by a group of students seeking to perform and showcase their work through photography and film. Since then, we have gained several new members and affiliates, and have expanded to include promotional services and commission work.

If you are interested in hiring one of us to promote an event, or would like to inquire about costume commissions, please e-mail us at, or send us a note here on deviantArt.

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Cosplay, voice acting, skits, photography, fan films

Which series would you like to see more photos/vids of?

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Kingdom Hearts
Fullmetal Alchemist
Harry Potter
Soul Eater
D. Gray-Man
Hedone High (by :icondarqx: )
Other (which one?)
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~Ko-chan ( Hey, everyone. I figured it'd be good to have a general notices journal. XD ___________________________________________________________ :star: April 13, 2012:star: Hey, guys! We haven't done much on the account for a while, so I decided to host a more interactive journal this time. :) Feel free to ask the members of LastMin whatever you want (though we reserve the right to decline answering if it's something too personal), and we'll answer to the best of our abilities! Please remember to indicate to whom your question is directed (individual member/group in general/etc.) in your comments, so we know who should answer. If w
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Which of our videos is your favorite so far?

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LastMin Showcase: -insert title here-
Gakuen: Valentine (A Series of [Un]Fortunate Events)
Hedone Hijinks: The Haircut
Hedone Hijinks: Mountain Mishaps
Hedone Hijinks: Movie Night
Hedone Hijinks: Conned into Con
LastMin Toybox: -insert title here-
LastMin Crack: -insert title here-
LastMin Skits: -insert title here-
LastMin Soundtrack/Blooper Reels: -insert title here-
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Hi! I'm a big fan of you guys with the whole yu gi oh cosplays. Definetly the best i've seen in all of conventions I go to. I met you guys at fanime and I'm really happy to have seen your performance in a backstage view. I'm so watching that skit again when i find that video
Thank you! We both worked really hard on them. :)

Backstage, huh? Which skit were you in? (were you one of the people in Maguma's group?)

Also, here's Malinda's mash up video of the skit: [link]
yes i was the guy with the formal clothes, a tie, and the spikey hair. They told me to be out of cosplay so I did that and headed STRAIGHT to the Black and White ball after our skit. I didn't even stay for the awards ceremony but i heard you guys won best comedic performance. My friends Loved your skit very much because we are big yugi fans and thanks ill check out mashup video
Cool, cool. :) What was their skit called, anyway? I still need to look it up since I didn't get to see it.

Aww, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
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You were great in the Masquerade! :D Thanks for giving me your info card at the Fairmont. Now I cant be all creepy and watch you too. :P
XD No problem. Glad you liked the skit!
Thank you for the llama! :heart: