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The forum is broken
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Guys help, I downloaded the game today, but I do not know how to register it on the forum itself, I registered and here in the game not like (Help me in advance thank you
Ребята помогите, я скачал игру сегодня, но не знаю как зарегистрировать его на сам форум, я зарегистрировалась и здесь в игре не как (помогите мне! Заранее спасибо
Guys please do not as questions on this! We will not answer them! If you want your questions answered, please go to our webpage!
Thank you!
i remember having this game before on my laptop, but then my laptop gave up the ghost and i do miss this game, I would like to download it again, and i will, but i just wanted to ask something first, How much memory does this game take up once its downloaded? :)
(I just joined the group today owo) Is anyone having trouble with teleporting but then an error comes up saying that the "BodyPart14 mesh is not found"? I just had this 5+ times today.