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Howdy guys! As you may be aware of if you regularly check up on the forums, there's been some changes around our community. New admins, including myself, have been promoted and plans to keep LM fresh and running have been discussed. Read below for details.

Hello everyone! So as you all may or may not have heard, Dutchval and I are now the admins of Last Moon! Along with that, we were given the responsibility to take care of LM, and any updates/changes that should/will happen to it. So, speaking of updates, we wanted to introduce our changes as soon as possible! After a good discussion, these are our current plans on what is going to happen/change in Last Moon!

Preset Clean-out and Preset Submissions
You heard right, we said preset submissions! Because having your own character in-game is basically what LM is all about, presets are a large part of our community, and our way of representing ourselves! I know that many of us have, or have had presets that are now either collecting dust, or close to completion, so we want to put them in game!
But, alas, as probably many of you see when you open the preset folder, is a massive wave/mass of preset textures that are either not being used or the owner has gone almost completely inactive on LM, and has left their preset kind of in the dust. Well, here is our solution, a preset clean-out!

So this is how it’s going to work, and the rules that apply to it:
-All Staff presets will remain in-game, unaltered, or changed. That is, only for existing staff members.
-Member’s presets currently in-game will be affected.
-Members have 1 month until the Clean-out takes place.

But, Dutchval, What about my preset, ______, which I still want to keep in-game?
Don’t worry! Send Dutchval a PM on the forums, or if you have her Skype, and let her know what your preset is named. We will then exempt you from the Clean-out

But wait! _______ is on hiatus, and he still wants to keep his preset in-game! What will happen then?
Don’t fret! Dutchval, will keep a backup of all the presets that are currently in-game, right now, as of the time that this thread is posted. If someone unfortunately missed the deadline and has not withheld their preset from being cleaned out, I will have a copy of it on my computer, and I will put it in game when the time comes.

Now, onto Preset Submissions!
We haven’t gotten completely set on what we are going to do for preset submissions, but we are definitely going to open them some time soon. Will they be free? Still to be decided. Will they cost money or medals? Also still to be decided.

New Rules
Now that Husky and I are admins, RakshaWw has permitted us to change the rules, if we want to/when we want to. Don’t fret at this news, we’ll mention little rule changes in these update threads so.

LM Anniversary Update News
We’re terribly sorry for making y’all wait so long for the birthday update, but keep in mind the transition between staff positions means we need to figure out how to do a lot more regarding Last Moon. We’ll release the update just as soon as we get everything sorted, and a big thanks to all of you who have been patient with us!

Be sure to check the Last Moon forums for updates and news!
FurtexCreations Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
where do i find the preset folder? i cant find it ;-;
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February 9, 2015


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