Last Moon, Dawn of Eternity and our newest project 'Name TBD' are looking for volunteer staff.
Also accepting people willing to learn. All staff have mod perms.

There are a few small things before you consider joining us:
- Once you submit something for game use, you cannot ever request for it to be removed and you acknowledge that it can be edited or changed by staff for game purposes.
- Content is exclusive to the game. All content, once submitted by the original creator, is no longer owned by the creator so cannot be used for anything else
(this rule only applies to the new project Name TBD, content submitted to LM and DoE are still owned by the creator).

If interested please fill in our short staff sign up form that'll take you 30 seconds. Examples of your work are not required but appreciated if you have any.


Proof of game production -

Last Moon Revival News #1

Hello everyone,
Thank you for playing and taking an interest in Last Moon and what it's future looks like.

First of all, lets begin with some history . . .
Last Moon is a server based off an old 2007 game called 'Impressive Title' that was closed down for good in 2010 due to lack of security in the source codes. Even though it did not last long there were thousands of people who enjoyed the little 3D chat room where you run around as a custom made lion and because of this we decided to begin Last Moon to continue 'Impressive Title's life including new updates and features.
Last Moon has been running since Jan 2013 which now makes it 5 years and 3 months old. During this time we have moved from a free forum service to an official website, made it possible for players to play as other animal species, introduced a quests system and generally improved the game overall. We have had a lot of fun in this little community we can all call our own, so..

..We have big revival plans for Last Moon.
Everything is still TBD but we have many ideas. Our main goal is to make LM more 'modern'. More information will be announced once confirmation comes through.
A few of our original Last Moon staff team have decided to make a return to work with you all and make Last Moon great again.
For now keep an eye on this website for possible future announcements~

P.S. If anyone is interested in helping in any way just let me know :) whether its making stuff or not. Won't turn anyone away who wants to make their game better!
Come online and join us (: Event starts in 2 hours so you have time to download if you haven't been around for a while x

Our Radio hosted by CloudFish is currently playing some hype music to get the mood going -
Deadline for submissions has been extended to September 9th, 2015.

That’s right we’re having a contest!
We've been wanting to change the look of LM for a while now, and the thing that stuck out the most to us (And we’re probably not the only ones) Is the outdated Winter GUI. Although it doesn't go without saying that it is a gorgeously designed GUI, it’s been getting a bit too old for wear.

So we've come up with this!
We thought there could be no better way to get some community interaction into Last Moon than a good contest!
Here are the details.
Dutchval has collected most of the GUI and Main Menu’s components together, and has put them all together in a little zip folder for you all. These include the buttons, Mini-map, Main Menu Background, and more!
Please note that all the files in the folder are the exact names as they stand in the game’s files, so please do not change the names of the files. The only thing you can change is the name of the folder you will eventually be sending in.

1) In order for your entry to be accepted, you need to change each image file! We’ve taken the liberty to exclude which ones we don’t want changed, so everything that’s currently in the folder, is what we want altered.

2) You cannot change the file names, except the name of the zip folder you will be sending in.

3) As well, Do not re-size the images in anyway. We’d like to preserve this in case of anything funky happening if something changes.

1) Download the zip folder provided by us and open it.

2) Edit/Improve the image files you see. We want totally original designs, but how you design them (Image editing, hand drawn, etc) is up to you. All we are looking at is the final result. How you get there is up to you.

3) Re-zip your folder, and Rename it “[Username] GUI ENTRY” as your zip file name.
4) Upload to Mediafire (Or any site, for that matter, but at least somewhere we can download it).

5) Send a Private Forum Message to either Dutchval or Husky (or note xFatedDestinyx on dA) with the link to your Mediafire/uploaded zip folder.

6) Congrats! You’re in!

The winner will get the following:
1) A custom forum title!

2) Two Diamonds!

3) Their GUI will be fully implemented into Last Moon!

Download Here…

The deadline to hand in your GUI is September 9th at 12 PM GMT! Any entries afterwards will be discarded.

Have fun, and be sure to hop over to to keep up with all updates and the community!

Thanks loves, xFatedDestinyx
Now that we've got a little help with modelling and meshes, we've decided to compile a list of prey (e.g. mice, lizards, moose) and meshes for maps (e.g. seaweed, rocks, different types of trees) and thought we may as well ask the players what they want!
So go ahead and comment what prey/meshes you'd like to see implemented in the game below.~

Thanks loves, xFatedDestinyx