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Rules And Guidelines

Please read these before joining or submitting to our group!

Please make sure all content over the age of 16 is filtered, failing to do this commend will result in the removal of your submitted content. Please do not advertise unless it's for LastMoon content (example is Item Store, Preset Shop etc.) All Deviantart rules apply within our group. Please do not openly discuss why your content or membership privileges were removed, contact a staff member. Please make sure all content submitted is of your own creation, or provide credit.

English Only:
Please only use English on our dA page, we're not familiar with any foreign languages!

Where to Submit:
All folders have been organised for your art & more to be submitted, if you're having trouble finding a folder to suit your content please message a staff member and check the folder's description!

Multiple posting:
Please make sure you haven't already posted a comment, devaintation, Art, [etc] or note to the group. Multiple content submitted of the same deviantations may result in the removal of your content.
Any spam & advertisement not related to LM also applies to this rule.

Group Info

Last Moon is an MMORPG where you can make your own character (felines, equines or/and canines). You can have an unlimited amount of characters, name them, custom them with markings, manes, tails and ears.

When you have your character created, you can log into the game and play in maps/worlds and meet new people, make new friends, role play and have a lot of fun.
You can even hunt 'prey' and if you're lucky, they'll drop something rare for your character to wear!
We also have quests for you to complete which will earn you currency to buy things at the npc shops.

Register, Download and Play Last Moon:
Staff list goes as followed.

Lead Game Masters:

Game Masters:

Lead Community Managers:

Community Managers:
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Jan 7, 2013


Group Focus

563 Members
558 Watchers
51,353 Pageviews
Last Moon, Dawn of Eternity and our newest project 'Name TBD' are looking for volunteer staff.
Also accepting people willing to learn. All staff have mod perms.

There are a few small things before you consider joining us:
- Once you submit something for game use, you cannot ever request for it to be removed and you acknowledge that it can be edited or changed by staff for game purposes.
- Content is exclusive to the game. All content, once submitted by the original creator, is no longer owned by the creator so cannot be used for anything else
(this rule only applies to the new project Name TBD, content submitted to LM and DoE are still owned by the creator).

If interested please fill in our short staff sign up form that'll take you 30 seconds. Examples of your work are not required but appreciated if you have any.


Proof of game production -

More Journal Entries


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