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Well sheeeeyit, I completely forgot I made a deviant art account. I'll upload more of my recent stuff. Since last time I was on this site, I've made some gray marker drawings and I bought a Wacom drawing tablet and begun doing things in color. Very big step for me, and I'm glad I bought a tablet as opposed to more markers, those things are damn expensive. And if I bought markers, that would be a very limited color pallet for $100+, while with this $80 tablet, I have an infinite pallet but i'm limited to digital art. Fine by me really, I consider it a worthy investment. Well anyways, imma upload stuff then go celebrate America's birthday. I don't even know why i'm making this, i'm pretty sure nobody looks at my profile anyways :P
its kinda late for me right now, i need sleep to operate. So to anybody who thinks my collection is lack-luster, gimme some time, i just got around to scanning/uploading.