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Chrome/Chromium/Opera or other Blink-based browser.
Mozilla Firefox or other Gecko-based browser.
Internet Explorer or other Trident-based browser.
Safari/Midori/Rekonq or other WebKit-based browser.
Maxthon or other multi-engine browser.
Other. (Old Opera presto browser or unknown browser engine.)
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2 min read
How to create adblocking filters for removing undesired deviants from showing up while you browse certain categories.

This will work in most adblocking extensions. I personally recommend the uBlock Origin extension for this purpose.

How to filter a user

Click on the uBlock Origin extension icon > Click on the top bar to get into the settings. Go to My Filters. Add a new line for every user you want to filter and place the user name or a part of the user name within the "". Adblock filters are case sensitive. This will also work with title keywords.


My adblock filter:…
This filter is my personal one that blocks a lot of users that have uploaded junk, crap, or just stuff in the wrong categories. Not updated very often, but it should remove a lot of MLP junk in the customization category. You can add this filter by going to uBlock Origin's 3rd party filters pane and add it in the text box at the bottom. Remember that it may not be a filter for everyone though. It will filter out a lot of manga, furries and MLP junk.

User script is also available.  DeviantArt Filter by rthaut
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1 min read

Updated: So once again themes break after a major upgrade. It looked ok in the early beta stage, but now I have to look over a lot of shit again. :/

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1 min read…
Click view revision and download tarball.
Note: The gnome-shell theme is far from finished, and if something looks like adwaita it's not a bug, it's just me who haven't changed it yet. :p

If you find any bugs let me know here or on the launchpad page. (Screenshots are helpful when reporting a bug.) I hope to get something released near the Gnome 3.8 release this time. ;)
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3 min read
Compiz is dead. Metacity is going to die. Canonical has to find a replacement WM for Unity or shove up the development of compiz to someone else. Wayland may replace X11 (and I hope it will be good once it do.) Shit happens as usual. (Even good shit.)

I'm thinking about abandoning Metacity support for my themes too. My next theme that I've started working on is not going to have a Metacity theme as I see no point in supporting it when I'm not using it and when it's going to be abandoned. A quote from the musical artist Pogo: "I don't make art for you, I make art for myself." :p In the end I just get tired of trying to fix things for stuff that I'm not using. One reason why I scrapped Zukitwo-Dark. May not be a great excuse, but lack of standards makes certain things annoying to deal with. But sometimes I also want to fix bugs for things that I don't use, because it feels better to have something that is "complete."

But when I think about all this fragmentation I also think about Elementary OS Luna that seems to do things right, especially with application design. I'm not saying that eOS Luna is perfect. Personally there are a few things about their interface that I just find a little bit annoying. Example: Docks may look nice but tend to grow annoying. I believe a desktop can work with 1 bar or panel. 1 click (mostly), 1 panel, 1 everything and always accessible are my thoughts right now.

"When it's done philosophy" is actually quite nice in this society that just shoves new things up our asses and then makes us throw it away a few months later so you can consume more and repeat. I'm not thinking about using a tablet or smartphone in the following 5 years for example. So why don't I use MATE, KDE, XFCE or Cinnamon then? Well, I feel that one extra push is needed to hopefully bring in some new good standards. I hope for CSS-styled interfaces and javascript for extensions and small apps. Actually I do use XFCE from time to time, so I have that little thing in mind, but I do hope they switch to GTK3 soon or I'll have to abandon that one too. CSS just makes everything so much easier for a designer and I see no point in not supporting it fully.

And some thoughts about that Cinnamon desktop. It feels very amateurish as of right now. I have to configure it for over an hour to make it look the way I want, and even then it's not perfect. Gnome 3.8 may bring a "fallback" desktop that may be similar to the old Gnome setup. I wonder if that will do it better than Cinnamon.

I can always complain, but I suppose if I want something perfect I'll have to do it myself. I've started to read up on javascript so I can try to do something myself.
We'll see what comes next. In 10 years we may need to create interfaces for holographic displays. :P
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