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this is just a simple wall

Not sure why I submit this, it's just a simple texture that basically anyone can make. I used the generator at [link] and then just added some gradients in photoshop. :/
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That's nice, thanks a lot for the good link
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Nice work! Will be featured on GUIFlaunt :)
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Nice, real nice.
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thanks man , it`s beauty :)
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is there a way I could just get the background
awesome work!, is there a tutorial on how to make these patterns?
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How can i do a bigger size for the background generator ? its only 190x190 ??
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Use that image as pattern in photoshop, that should do the job.
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Ok thanks , i will try that out :)
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I don't think there's anyone else on DA who can get 110 favorites for a web-generated tile.
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Doesn't matter if its simple. You have a great eye for design.
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looks great...!
amazing color!
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Nice generator! Thanx for sharing!
Looks really nice.
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wow...tack för den där länken!
har letat skitlänge efter nån liknande generator...
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