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eCO - Wallpapers

The 3 wallpapers that you can see in my concept here - [link]

Minimalistic wallpapers that are good to use when you don't want to be distracted. ;)

Update: Included a light-cyan colored wallpaper.
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making my Solus desktop look official - Thanks
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Simple wallpaper, very nice work, makes my desktop look awesome thanks
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Very nice indeed, thanks!
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Brilliant, its plasticity and minimalism makes it a perfect match for people actually working on their devices. You have my thanks.
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Yes, I was wandering if you could also tell me the theme in this. Much appreciation. Thanks. :D
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Simples, mas muito criativo; Obrigado.
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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU
(no homo) (or if your a girl nvm)
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Those are some really nice wallpapers! I love the low contrast between the colors. :D
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Lovely wallpaper :D
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Awesome. Thanks ;)
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Pink one works perfectly with my theme :]
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Wow! adding these to favorites, then downloading! Thanks!
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They look awesome!
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Can you make more sizes please? like 1024 by 768?
Simple with beautiful colours.
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