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By lassekongo83
Get the absolute latest version from github:… (The zip here on dA is outdated. Download the theme on github instead.)
The Gnome Shell theme, recent commits and installation instructions can be found at github.

Master branch (3.22+):…
3.18 branch:…

This theme may work in Cinnamon, Budgie and Mate, but those environments aren't supported. Mainly developed for Gnome Shell and XFCE.


Font: Droid Sans
Icons: Faenza-Dark

License: GPL

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You might not have to worry about Unity any more. XD
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
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Thanks for sharing this great theme, I get inspired by you lassekongo83 using your base theme, Only for Xfce Desktop and see here

Thank you!
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Gorgeous theme!
Hi, would love if you could update this to 3.16. This is by far the best theme out there and only one I can use. thanx
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On Gnome 3.16 the titlebars don't look right in all applications.
this should fix it:…
big thanx, unusable without this
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Love this! =)
But i have an issue...
see pic please. Close icon is buggy.. firefox too for example has that close icon..
Any solution?
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forgot to change GTK+..
But now is wrong too..
I have the same issue in Linux Mint. Any idea how to solve it? (Browsing how to solve this weird lines at the moment)

If it wasn't for the lines, right now my PC would look perfect!
No problems here, seems you are not running all Gnome components.
Please post your problem on your Distro-forum. :)


Good 2015 for you lassekongo83!
Hope you can update your themes and bring more new features soon! :D
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I liked the old shell theme better, without the "logo" and more transparent look. Love the theme though, first thing I always install!
Looks good! I really like the flat tabs, hope this get's default (for apps). :)
Hi, you do the great work!
Please, could you update Zukitwo-dark-shell theme for Gnome 3.14. It's  the best theme ever...!
Thanks a lot!
is it suppose to be solid black (top panel) or is it suppose to be transparent?
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Preview image haven't been updated for the current release. It's supposed to be just slightly transparent with no gradient these days.
must be missing something mines solid black & has a sideways s in it
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Awesome work. How did you remove the ugly borders around the image previews? Is it controlled by gtkrc?
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Just some thumbs up from me. I've been using Zukitwo for quite some time now, all the while giving different themes a spin, but zukitwo is just the most pleasing *for me*. Keep up that work ;)
There seems to be a little regression where the toolbar in gtk3 apps is way slimmer than it should be:…
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looking nice and smooth! well done!
Im on linux mint and I have created shade buttons for the gtk theme, how do I implement them?
Please update this gorgeous theme for GTK+ 3.14! GNOME broke it again :(
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The latest version can now be grabbed from github:…
There may however be some weird bugs here and there.
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