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A continuation of Zukitwo. Designed to be more flat with less gradients and rounded borders.

Get the absolute latest version from github:… (The zip here on dA is outdated. Download the theme on github instead.)
The Gnome Shell theme, recent commits and installation instructions can be found at github.

Master branch (3.22+):…
3.18 branch:…

This theme may work in Cinnamon, Budgie and Mate, but those environments aren't supported. Mainly developed for Gnome Shell and XFCE.

Dash to dock gnome shell extension used for the left bar in preview image.
Icons: Numix and Numix Circle.
Font: Roboto

License: GPL
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This is one of my favorite theme for Xfce, using it in my Xubuntu desktop for some time now. It really suits my taste. Thank you, keep up the good work.
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Gnome 3.20:

For those of you who don't like the huge Gtk window title bars, go to Zukitre theme folder and open gtk-3.0/gtk-contained.css and search for headerbar.default-decoration and headerbar.default-decoration button.titlebutton (was lines 1569 and 1573 when I was doing this). In these selectors, fiddle with padding and min-heights until you're satisfied.

Great theme, though ;)
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Sorry, I'm having an issue with this theme on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS...

Does anyone know how to fix it?
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Did you grab the right version for Ubuntu 16.04?…

Also try to log off and in again. It looks like it hasn't switched the style entirely and still uses gradients from the previous theme.

Check /usr/share/themes and ~/.themes for duplicates. If you have an older version in one folder it may cause issues.
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Thank you for your answer but I've tried your solution and no one of them fixes the problem.
I can't understand what can cause this. :(

P.S.: I like very much your theme, you've done a very great job with that. ;)
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great, thank you.
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Welcome back ! :)
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do you still make windows (10) themes?
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Oh man, if only this was available for 3.20.
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Master branch on github is now at version 3.20.
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Yay, that is fantastic, thanks for that.
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freakin miss your windows themes man 
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Too bad you are publishing this right now when Gnome 3.20 has revamped a lot about its themes. Hopefully for the last time. But glad to see you working on your themes again. Thanks!
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Wanted to push something for 3.18 as it's included in a LTS release. It may also be the main version for Debian Stretch. Going to check how much change there is in 3.20 eventually.
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Try posting on /r/unixporn if you want some publicity for your themes. :) OC is usually pretty well received. 
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In Linux Mint Mate, unpretty dashed borders are displayed around some ui elements (labels, dropdown lists etc) in some dialogs. Also, dark panel doesn't fit well for me with light window decorations. To fix this, apply these diffs (or make the changes manually):

- Remove dashed borders:

In /usr/share/themes/Zukitre/gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css (or ~/themes/Zukitre/gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css):

diff gtk-widgets.css gtk-widgets.css.fixed

<     outline-style: dashed;
> /* outline-style: dashed; */
> outline-style: none;

- Swith panel to light background:

In /usr/share/themes/Zukitre/gtk-2.0/gtkrc (or ~/themes/Zukitre/gtk-2.0/gtkrc):

diff gtkrc  gtkrc.fixed

< gtk_color_scheme = "panel_bg_color:#2d2d2d\npanel_fg_color:#dcdcdc" # Panel colors
> #gtk_color_scheme = "panel_bg_color:#2d2d2d\npanel_fg_color:#dcdcdc" # Panel colors
> gtk_color_scheme = "panel_bg_color:#dcdcdc\npanel_fg_color:#2d2d2d" # Panel colors
GTK 3.16 is out! xD

Hope you have the time to update. :)
Seems the new update also added a few 'cool' things, can't wait to see them in your theme. :D

Keep up the good work. ;)
Excellent theme! I had been looking for an alternative to the excellent Uncomplicated theme, which is no longer being maintained, for a very long time. This theme finally convinced me to make the switch!
Your theme has been my favorite for quite a while.
I made a vim theme around your GTK theme. They match pretty well. Feel free to have a look I could make something similar for other editors.
How can I change the Activities Text for a logo as in the screenshot?
In Gnome 3.14 it should change automatically.
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Beautiful Theme!! I wish I had my Unbuntu installed so I could give this a try.
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I must say this theme is the best flat theme in my opinion , it is perfect if you are using the latest gnome but it has some bugs in other desktops like unity , just one question is the window control buttons supposed to look like this ?…

note : i am using the latest version of the theme  
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