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Important note: This theme is designed around Gnome 3.4 and the 1.0.2 version of the Unico engine. I do not work with any development releases. This theme will break in Gnome 3.5.

The included INSTALL file have all the installation instructions.

This theme requires the Unico GTK3 engine version 1.0.2 or later. (Only if you're using Gnome 3 or GTK3 applications.)
- [link]
(Available as gtk-engine-unico in ArchLinux community repo.)

If you don't install these engines - GTK2 applications will not be styled. So it's NOT a bug if for example GIMP or Firefox looks like Windows 98. It's just you who haven't installed the gtk2 engines. :)

- GTK2 engine Murrine or later
- GTK2 pixbuf engine or the gtk(2)-engines package

Fedora/RedHat distros:
yum install gtk-murrine-engine gtk2-engines

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf

pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine gtk-engines

Search for the engines in your distribution's repository or install the engines from source.

Wall: [link]
Icons: [link]
Font: Liberation Sans Narrow Condensed (Not the default font in this theme.)

The left bar is avant-window-navigator. The theme is included.

- In some flavors of Gnome 2.32 the right-click menu on some panel applets have a white text and uses the pixmap hover effect. There's no known fix for this.

- Dialog windows in Gnome 3 fallback mode have weird borders. My current recommendation is that you detach them with gconf-editor. Open gconf-editor and untick this key: /desktop/gnome/shell/windows/attach_modal_dialogs.

- Legacy metacity theme is not borderless. (It doesn't look good.) Use gnome-shell to get anti-aliased rounded corners. ;-)

- The IDE software Eclipse/Aptana may have some strange color bugs. If you know of any fixes, please let me know.

- Xfce panel applets have some strange bugs. Possible cause is because you need to use a background image for your panel. This theme is not designed to be used with a trillion inconsistent panel applets.

License: GPL



- GTK3: Gnome classic indicator applet fix.
- GTK3: Added support for slickpanel.

- GTK3/GTK2: Minor fix.

- Several changes. See the full changelog here: [link]

- Shell theme: Removed border radius from the menus + some other minor changes.
- GTK3: Selected backdrop color is now gray.

- Shell theme: Fixed colors.

- Shell theme: New layout on a lot of stuff. (Switches, pop-up menus, summary-source-button and more.)

- Shell theme: Added style for extra view-tabs created by extensions.
- Shell theme: Font-sizes are now set globally in the top of the css style for easier access.
- GTK3: Minor fix.

- Mutter: Titlebar text is now horizontally aligned.
- GTK3: Nautilus cluebar changes.
- Shell: Minor menu change. (To get rid of xsession-error warnings.)

- GTK3: Insensitive toolbar button text color and bumpy behavior fixed.
- GTK3: Improved GtkScale.
- GTK3: Minor Unity panel fix.

- GTK3: Some minor fixes.
- Nautilus: Inactive pane colors added.
- Gnome-terminal: Notebook border removed.

- GTK3: Improved progressbars.
- Unity/GTK3: Fixed GtkCalendar today highlight.
- GTK3: Some other minor changes.
- GTK2: Font in statusbars will now be the same size as your other fonts.

- GTK3: Spinbuttons are now styled.
- Shell theme: 1 bugfix and some improvements to pressed panel buttons.

- GTK3: Some adjustments and minor bug fixes.
- Shell theme: Loads of changes and fixes. New buttons, switches, colors etc.

- GTK3: A bunch of bug fixes and some other minor changes.

- Added support for Gnome 3.4. Do not upgrade if you still use Gnome 3.2.

- Shell theme: Ok. No more trollface corner ripple lol. :P
- Shell theme: Heart activities button replaced with the Gnome foot. (Heart icon still included if you would like to use that.)
- GTK3: Fixed the settings.ini file.

- First release.
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Can you update it to gnome 3.10? 
Please, port it to GTK 3.6
Thank you in advance!
I also noticed a bug in Synaptic. I have installed the required packages for this theme. Can you take a look? [link]
HI there, great theme! I use this with Faience icons and Greybird Xfwm4. Do you have any plan for Xfwm4 theme? Thanks.
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Is this still support for GNOME 3.6 (Ubuntu 12.10)?
(gnome-shell:2003): St-WARNING **: Ignoring length property that isn't a number

is what i get in .xsession-errors when using it with ubuntu 12.04. any ideas how to fix that?
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how can i make the app icons bigger in the app menu?
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I love it! The gnome shell is second to none.
Hey, using this great theme makes gnome-shell produce the errors:
(gnome-shell:2929): St-WARNING **: Ignoring length property that isn't a number
(gnome-shell:2929): St-WARNING **: Did not find color property '-gradient-start'
(gnome-shell:2929): St-WARNING **: Did not find color property '-gradient-end'
Any way to fix it? (ubuntu 12.04)
When I use the Zukini theme, there is nothing on my Applications page. And searching for an application gives the section headers, but no icons. Everything works perfectly in Zukitwo. What could be the problem?
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Are you using gnome-shell 3.2 with an older version of the Zukitwo theme? Zukini (and the latest Zukitwo) requires gnome-shell 3.4.
ohh, that's what it is. I'm using the Zukitwo in the Gentoo repos, which is an older version compatible with 3.2.
Firefox input boxes look like Windows 95. Does anyone know why?
you need to install gtk2 engines, see description
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Really great theme. Since I'm using XFCE I patched it a little to work for me:

Absolutely love this theme. Prettiest GTK3 theme I have yet to see anywhere. Thank you for your contribution!
Dude, I'm trying to fix the problem with "moving" buttons, i.e. when the button is pressed the text "moves" one pixel down and right(I mean nautilus pathbar buttons). Do you know how to make it stay::) It pisses me off, plaese somebody kill meee..
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-GtkButton-child-displacement-x: 1;
-GtkButton-child-displacement-y: 1;

to 0. :)
Dude, you did it. Thanx a lot!!! You're the best!!
I have a solution for ubuntu 12.04 gnome fallback:
Replace indicator-applet-complete with indicator-applet.
Indicator-applet has the mail, network and sound buttons.
Then you can add the clock applet and user menu applet.

Thanks for this cool theme :)
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hey, it would be great if you'd put your themes to some versioning software (like git and then sync it on github).
for the meantime, how did you "- GTK3: Insensitive toolbar button text color and bumpy behavior fixed." ?

i'm struggling with that myself right now...
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I do have a launchpad page for Zukitwo. (No PPA.) I upload all my changes there through their bzr as a backup.
So the changes I did for the toolbar button can be found here: [link]
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thanks! wasn't aware of that (and thanks for letting me borrow the toolbar fix ;) )
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