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Zuki Blues

By lassekongo83
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Nothing special, just decided to add some blue color to Zuki. (See the panel installation instructions there. Also get the panel graphics there because I forgot to include it in this package.) :p

No metacity themes at the moment, just 2 emerald themes. (Left and right in preview.)

Wall: [link]
Font: Trebuchet MS

License: GPL



0.1.1 (August 19, 2010)
- Minor fix.
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Any openbox-3 theme ?
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PL: Jak dla mnie REWELACJA. Bardzo mi się podoba ten projekt. Dziękuję bardzo.
EN: As for me revelation! I really like this projekt. Thank you very much.
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Beautiful theme, using it in SolusOS distribution. That's why I made the GTK-30 version here.
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I love it !!!
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great theme.. :) i wud love to port this for gtk3, if u're not already doing that.. :)
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Thanks, im trying themes in ubuntu and this is my favorite!!
This is a very nice theme, ergonomic, and works with many many wallpapers. Thanks for making it.

I'm using it on Ubuntu 10.10 with all the modifications mentioned in the description, works like a charm.

Keep up the good work, and congratulations on the DD!
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the "format" of the transparent panel not work for me only appear large & pixelated the background-panel image , or in a repetitive pattern x_x
On Ubuntu 10.10 there is a 10px gap between breadcrumbs in nautilus.. otherwise it's a great theme!
Breadcrumbs don't display correctly under Ubuntu 10.10. There is a gap of about 10 pixels between each crumb.
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i have installed all the four engines murrine, aurora, equinox and pixbuf.... HELP!!!
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does anyone had problems trying this in maverick meerkat? the sidepanel is not right.... any ideas?
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Awesome ! Fabulous ! Special theme from really one of the best artists there.
I'm new installing themes. How do I install this theme and what I need?
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Metacity, plz?
I might use the emerald one for now, but I'd really love a solid metacity version.
sexigt som vanligt lasse!
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There's an error in the download...when you download the theme, in the gtk theme's folder, there is no index.theme inside the folder, rendering the theme useless.
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Sorry, not index.theme, I confused that file with icon themes. I meant the gtk file that's inside all theme folders.
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okay, jus nvm about all of that. apparently, putting the folder in /usr/share/themes/ does not work with this theme.
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seems i found a bug in your theme. check radiocheck.rc for references to an image "Null/null.png" which doesn't exist.
if apps use radiobuttons and display them as togglebuttons (set_mode=0) that breaks them.
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ok, i realised it should read "Others/null.png" there so please change that in your theme.

unfortunately this doesn't make the bug go away... (will try to investigate further)
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