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Ubuntu sKreenshot 2010-01-20

Oh, shiny....

Just trying out KDE4, figuring out how to customize it and whatever. Still haven't found how to install dekorator themes though. O_o

Also learning every possible customization option at the moment so I one day may possibly create my own themes for KDE. I just hate working with SVG graphics though, but there seems to be ways to create things with raster-graphics. :P

Wall: [link]
Plasma theme: Glassified
Qtcurve theme: [link]
Panel icons: [link]
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U achieved a very sexy dock however the gtk looks a bit like win98
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I'm pretty impressed for KDE. I always thought it was all tacky looking rounded glass that I liked in 2001.
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How could you possibly hate working with SVG graphics? :O <3 Inkscape :P
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That looks awesome!
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OMG. I love that panel. I may have to try KDE rather than gnome :)
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beautiful. i really like what you did with the panel at the bottom. kinda reminds me of the cairoShell project around the web: the panel:D
great. looking at your screenshot now i want to try KDE too. i tried it twice on my netbook, twice it didn't work for me, its like everything is everywhere.hehe. anyways, im looking forward for you future skins for kde this time.
Helvete vad snyggt, nästan så att jag får lust att installera linux på datorn igen och försöka mig på att få nått fint jag med. : D
Förresten när ska du börja göra win7 teman då? ;) Eller har du gett upp windows helt och hållet nu?
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best skin you've ever made! but im still using windows eheh :F
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Really good! Keep on!
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um may I ask what system font you used?
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Yeah, that's why I stopes using KDE, it's a pain in the butt to customize (mostly because I don't have the time nor the patience to fiddle with it).
If I can't customize my OS to my needs, I don't see a reason to have it. :blackrose:
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Amazing! Best KDE shot. Good use of the Token icons too.
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Became inspired, did this: [link]
wow! very nice!
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