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A rather unfinished style in my opinion, yet still very usable. It's inspired by - [link] so I would suggest that you use it with nautilus-elementary.

It's almost how I myself would like my desktop to be. Rather soft, non-intrusive, and plain simple. It's still a shame though that some GTK applications breaks consistency. :/

In this "screenshot" only Firefox and Nautilus is the real deal. (Except for the google mockup in Firefox.) The panels can look like that, but mine don't, so I just quickly threw together something in Photoshop.

I suggest that you use a dock. The dock I threw together in photoshop here can possibly be done with AWN or GNOME-DO. (I've not tested though, so don't bother asking me.)

Also, Firefox isn't themed here. It's the default theme with panels switched around, plus the menubar removed with an extension.

Wallpaper: [link]
Icons: [link] and gnome-colors

If you use gnome global menu to get rid of the menubars you can open bars.rc and replace toolbar.png with menubar.png to make it look better.

License: GPL

Another example screenshot: ;)


- Nautilus fixes for Gnome 2.30

- Made som better looking standard panel buttons.
- Cleaned up some old stuff in the files.
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luccaspaivasilvaHobbyist Digital Artist
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theb4rdHobbyist Photographer
Great theme. AWN can definitely look like that with 3d mode, expanded, proper gradient colours, no border or highlight colours and the token icons for the launchers.
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You rock man, great theme!

Anyone knows how to render font like that?

Would love to have that font set in this gtk.

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It's the default font rendering in Ubuntu, sub-pixel set to slight in desktop preferences. (Also, font used is Trebuchet MS.)
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Ratchet-lombrisHobbyist Photographer
How do I install this? stupid question, I know, but I just got Ubuntu and I'd like to use this theme <3
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FAQ here explains it - [link]
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Ratchet-lombrisHobbyist Photographer
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rYu2k8Hobbyist Artist
nice Work =)
which folders do u use?
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acerl310Student Photographer
It looks really sexy! Sexier or as sexy as Snow Leopard

If I get a new computer, if I had the knowledge to install this, I'll do it with no hesitation.

Yes, I love minimalistic designs.
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Wish there was one for XP D: I'd try to use it but i'm not that computer savvy.
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Hi my friend, a query, as I can leave with regular fonts global gnome menu comes up on the fonts in bold?

Le dejo una captura de pantalla = [link]


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Remove the part below # The following lines make panel-menu-applet, slab-main-menu and gimmie applet's text bold. The radius value sets the roundness value of the selected menu-item. in the gtkrc file.
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Thank you very much for the reply, remove that part and now is the text of the regular fonts. thanks again. :)
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this is nearly the most awesome theme I have ever seen! maybe I will change to linux in the near future because of that awesomeness of design. is it important to choose a special distribution or am I on the safe side with ubuntu?
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And you released it as Toidi :D nice job. That mockup would do an awesome userstyle too. One my favorites for sure :D
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I'm happy to see it came truth ;) Hope You will give I more love and will improve panel buttons.
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Very nice! I'm using it now. :D

What's the name of the font?
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so it wasn't all a joke? :D
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cool~ would you release for win xp too? :meow:
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komateProfessional Interface Designer
Thats cool.
Release it to win7 too. :)
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leoatelier Photographer
great work!
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Aaron-A-ArtsStudent Digital Artist
i like it. very smooth and clean. very different from your old stuff =)
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IzobalaxProfessional Interface Designer
Nice work.

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Cool, very thanks for it :D
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