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The themes you see here and here.

I was a bit reluctant to release this theme at first because I want to change so many things at once. However, I always get stuck on something that stops me from continuing with my ideas. :p

GTK engines required: (All latest versions of course.)
gtk2-engines-murrine, gtk2-engines-pixbuf

Installation instructions: [link]

This is meant to be used with your own custom panel background or the one I included. Follow the installation instructions for the advanced option.

No nautilus-elementary style in this as it's no longer maintained.

Known bugs in the GTK theme:
- Pixmap scrollbar is displayed 1px off in nautilus.
- Scrollbar in Opera and Firefox isn't rounded where it's supposed to be rounded.
- Tool buttons in GIMP aren't styled with the correct murrine button. Application bug I believe.
- The leftmost toolbar buttons in nautilus aren't styled properly with the murrine button. No idea what's wrong.

Pic: [link]

Any questions or problems with my themes? - Read my FAQ first!


- Rewrote most part of the gtkrc. Included fixes and stuff from the latest elementary.
- Pixmap scales/sliders.
- Nautilus breadcrumbs removed. (They stopped working and I was too lazy to find a solution.)
- Equinox engine no longer required.
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Very calm. Good...
This theme will make more beautiful desktop if it combine with Elune theme :D 
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bonsai picture please!?
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I really adore this theme; I had it as my theme in Ubuntu 10.10 and I'd really love to set it up in MATE when I do a clean reinstallation of Linux Mint 13. Would it be possible to get any help in that direction? Thank you!
Does it work for GTK 3 yet?
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I`am joining to question.

By the way. This theme is really nice.
Very nice theme i must say,
Do you have any intention of making this theme available for Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity?
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Say hey! I love your work. :) I love this theme so much that I made an AWN theme to match... here's the link (peace out!)...
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Awesome work. Any chance of a port to GTK3?
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I think that this is the most amazing GTK themes I've seen so far...wonderful work!! :D
The transparent window boarder is due to emerald or nautilus theme?
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Emerald. Nautilus is a file manager, and will not affect your choice of theme in any way.
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Nice work! What font are you using here?
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hey man,
How do make the launchbar(the thing that is left of screen with shourtcuts) look transparent like yours mines not changing.
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It's not Unity. It's Gnome classic with a custom panel and a custom background image.
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huh? could you tell me how i can do that?
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When you login select Ubuntu Classic.
Rightclick on the panel and select Add Panel. Position it on the left. Rightclick again and select Properties and add your own transparent background image.
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and top panel too.
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Lovely... makes me want to ditch Windows 7...
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ser riktigt fint ut ;)
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how did u get the text (Back, Forward) next to the icons on Nautilus Toolbar ?
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