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The themes you see here and here.

I was a bit reluctant to release this theme at first because I want to change so many things at once. However, I always get stuck on something that stops me from continuing with my ideas. :p

GTK engines required: (All latest versions of course.)
gtk2-engines-murrine, gtk2-engines-pixbuf

Installation instructions: [link]

This is meant to be used with your own custom panel background or the one I included. Follow the installation instructions for the advanced option.

No nautilus-elementary style in this as it's no longer maintained.

Known bugs in the GTK theme:
- Pixmap scrollbar is displayed 1px off in nautilus.
- Scrollbar in Opera and Firefox isn't rounded where it's supposed to be rounded.
- Tool buttons in GIMP aren't styled with the correct murrine button. Application bug I believe.
- The leftmost toolbar buttons in nautilus aren't styled properly with the murrine button. No idea what's wrong.

Pic: [link]

Any questions or problems with my themes? - Read my FAQ first!


- Rewrote most part of the gtkrc. Included fixes and stuff from the latest elementary.
- Pixmap scales/sliders.
- Nautilus breadcrumbs removed. (They stopped working and I was too lazy to find a solution.)
- Equinox engine no longer required.
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