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Smee, do something intelligent!

Just having some fun with emerald. GTK theme works well with my Pucko Lucid metacity if you don't use emerald.

Wall: Simple circular red gradient, easy to create in most image-editing softwares.
Pic: Photo of mine.
Icons: Token and gnome-colors.


- Fixed the new Elementary Nautilus look in Ubuntu Lucid.
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how to use this theme, i'm using ubuntu 11.04
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Put it in .themes in your home folder.
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Can you share the wall?
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bro i am new to ubuntu and GTK2...i have installed it on vmware workstation to have it too,i liked this OS but i dont know how to install themes in ubuntu

and pls if some one can tell me,whats GTK2 and metacity...
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GTK is a shared engine for drawing interface widgets such as buttons and scrollbars. To install a theme for GTK put it in the .themes directory in your home folder.
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BTW, I've been using this theme for over 3 months now -- I love it, I've never seen any other theme that could compare to it.
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do you think you can share your version of that wallpaper? it's great
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Afficher en écriture latine
I'm sorry for my English you could get your icons Ulpader somewhere that I can answer I simply downloaded or comment with the link please?
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Ive been trying to create a wallpaper like you have, but it doesnt look right.
dont you use like some texture?, because my attempts look so shiny.
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this is awesome...I'm liking your GTK themes more than XP.
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<3 it. So simple and clean!
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So clean, i loved it
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very cool! I do use emerald and will try it.
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wow! beautiful!
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rhis whaz really really nice, could u please port it o win 7 x64?
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Leet Squared? That's like the anti version of successfully dividing by zero
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Also no more WinXP themes?
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Why no pic of a women this time?
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Ah something new and different, i like it!
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Very cool! love the "cleanness"!
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fan, om du hade fått en kodare så hade du kunnat göra underverk inom grafik design för linux.. gnome. .typ! :)

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excellent work all your last visual style ! but ... ;( ... i'm on windows ... :( don't they existe for windows ?
I really like to go on Linux if I can work on it but I don't! I need Photoshop, Sai, XSI (or other 3D software) and some other graphic soft that don't exist a linux version ... :(
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That Emerald theme is insanely interesting!
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