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As you can see here: [link]

Installation instructions included this time. :P
Update: Also made a small installation script.

If you're using metacity instead of emerald, this theme will look perfect with my Zuki metacity theme.

This theme is designed to be used with the included panel background. It will look horrible with a solid colored panel! ;)

- Minor fixes.
- Removed nautilus-e.rc because I can't test it.
- Added an installation script that will install and apply the GTK theme. (Not the panel or window decoration theme.)

- Added a GtkRange pixmap slider. The murrine one had a bad contrast.


Wall: [link]
Icons: Faenza
Font: Trebuchet MS
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Too bad this is just for Linux.
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please port it to gtk3.
this is one of the most beautiful gtk themes I ever saw!
i hope it gets ported to gtk3 some time in the future
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wonderful theme .. have you thought about porting gtk3?
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Hi! It's a very clean theme as the others of course.

I would like to use it with the last version of xfce, but some widget classes are missing espacialy for transmission and file-roller.

May be I could have been able to modify the GTKRC file myself but unfortunately I have no more time for this.

Please could you update this famous theme ?...

Thank you for you VERY GOOD work !
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Transmission and file-roller are using GTK3 by now. This theme is only for GTK2 and therefore it would have to be completely rewritten for GTK3.
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Are you using window list? if not, how can I make my window tabs like that? window list is kinda dirty looking. Please reply...
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That's Gnome 2 with gnome-panel and not the window list extension for Gnome-shell.
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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know that's Gnome panel and I'm using your panel background and wall right now, here's the preview [link] but I can't figure out how did you make window tabs like that if you're not using window list. When I first saw it that was long time ago, I really thought you're using KDE :) I want to remove the brackets on text on windows list, ex. [Pictures], Cause it's kinda dirty for me. :brushteeth: Thanks Man
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Hmm. I guess that's application specific or something. I know what you mean now, but I have no idea if there's anyway to remove it.
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I guess you were using also window list on your gnome-panel but I didn't realize that when a window is not minimized, the bracket disappears. :brushteeth: Thanks again Man...
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awesomely done
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hello, currently i am using lxde, and i was wondering if you knew of a good panel image to go with this great theme?
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Can you make a Google Chrome theme that matchs with this GTK theme :D
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And sorry about this other question, but how did you manage to use both aplications launcher and panel minimalizer? Thanks!
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Well, that was sorta dumb. I managed to create the icon with all the apps and the window grouper in one bar. :D
But I'm still curious about the IM client. ^^'
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Preeeetty beautiful theme! Using it now with some tweaks!

Now, could you answer me one doubt? Which one is that IM client? Looks pretty decent with the theme! I'm using emesene and I'm kinda unhappy with it.

Thank you!
wow, this looks very good. I like the clear look but also with the strict borders. Very good, thanks for this !
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Will this work on Ubuntu 10.10? I'm still quite n00b when it comes to compatibility knowledge.
Wow! Great work! Now using on my Ubuntu setup! Thanks!
Simply superb!!!!
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really really smooth curves on the emerald =D
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