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Shiftie GTK and Emerald



My little contribution to the Shift Linux project. - [link]

This is a pixmap + mist theme. (Engines included by default in Ubuntu.)

(CTRL+H to view hidden folders in your filemanager.)

1. Put the emerald theme in /home/username/.emerald/themes/
Open the emerald theme manager and select Shiftie from the list.

2. Put the Shiftie folder in /home/username/.themes/
Open the settings for Appearance and select Customize. Select Shiftie in the widgets list.

3. To use the star-here.png (shift logo) icon you'll need to put it in your current icon theme's folder and backup+remove any icons that are named start-here.svg/png. Your icon theme should be located in /home/username/.icons/.

If you're using an OS default icon theme you'll need to open the gconf-editor and select to use a custom application icon in the applications-menu.

After all this - Terminal > killall gnome-panel to refresh the panels.

Wallpaper is: [link]
The other ones are random pictures of Yuko Ogura that I've found on various websites.


- Fixed bug in tray where some icons moved 1 pixel up or down.
- Minor fix to the Metacity theme.
- Changed preview image. :p

- Made a MurrinaShiftie gtk theme. (Still requires the pixmap engine for the panels.) Should be a little bit faster though.
- New emerald theme - ShiftieGlass.
- Readme and better folder structure in the zip.

- Big update to the gtk theme. All the widgets have been changed.
- Shinier panel buttons.
- Old version with the old widgets also included.

- Metacity theme included. (Update: fixed the title text color)
- Emerald theme fixes.
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