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Pucko Modern

A new Pucko style. :D

GTK engines needed:
- Murrine 0.60.1+ (For widgets, menus etc. It's included in Ubuntu 8.10.)
- Pixmap/pixbuf (For the panel.)

I recomend that you set your panel height to 22px. I've included several more sizes that you'll need to change manually if you for some reason can't set the panel height to 22.

Metacity themes included.
Wallpapers included.


- Removed the line style = murrine to make it compatible with the latest Murrine svn.
- Made the button prelight more saturated instead of desaturated.
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I fix the 212 line because ooo cant display correctly the menus so:

#fix ooo fg[NORMAL] = "#F2EEDF"
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link does not work :( is the wallpaper included in the theme?
I like your work :)
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sorry, my bad :) link works
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i nee dthis for xp ^^
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sorry i found it xD
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I love it =D
I have one question, I've been trying to change
the menu (where you find file,edit,view,..) text
color, I edited the gtkrc but it didnt work
any advice ?
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nevermind I managed to do it =)
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how did you manage to change the colors of the menu?

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hiii, i featured ur wallpaper to make [link] thx . .
Kan du inte fixa/porta till xp? Och göra den svart som [link] :(
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As always~ another great visual style.
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Very nice, what font?
What font are you using?
Hi, nice theme. I am using it right now. there is one downside of this theme tho. I can not see which window is active when I have 20 windows open on my desktop.
So, can you change the title bar colour of inactive windows to another colour like grey or something like that?

thanks for the nice work :-)
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I am running Arch linux and have Murrine and Pixbuf engine installed but i don't get buttons and panel getting skinned ? Can you help debug
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simple elegant and most importantly very usable! this is what a theme should be like! as a matter of fact.. i would love to see this included with ubuntu (or a derivative of it) by default.
it will be excellent especially for people who use windows xp. retains similar features but immensely better.
I'm switching from dust to using this now... honestly.. release a freakin package. with the wallpaper, fonts, gtk, icons, emerald, metacity, and maybe even conky configs...please. cuz this is freakin awesome. :D

really though...what font is it? looks really good!
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Nice new style :love:
Both VS and GTK theme are featured on GuiPulp ;)
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Oh how colorful! ^^
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does it work with kde?
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Wow, that's beautiful! Make an XP version! :D
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DUDE!!!!! THIS SET IS R****PE!!!!!!!!
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Setting up Arch as i write .. looks beautiful, will try it out soon :)
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