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By lassekongo83
Theme can be downloaded on GitHub:…
(Couldn't submit it to the right category because dA needs a zip file or something for that to be allowed.)

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Como faço para efetuar uma doação para o usuário lassekong83? Gostaria de agradeçer por desenvolver esse tema. Uso todos os dias no meu trabalho e tem sido muito agradável. Seria apenas uma pequena contribuição pelo seu tempo desenvolvendo isso. Obrigado.
Thanks for such a crisp and beautiful theme. I have been using this theme for such a long time and no other theme now fancies my eyes.

Recently I have been trying mate desktop on my laptop and in it the controls can be themed using this theme, but there is no method to theme the window border. On looking at the plano-theme folder, it seems that the metacity folder is not present.

It is due to this reason I am presently unable to use this theme with mate-desktop and had to switch to an alternate theme made by you which is the Zukitwo theme.

Thus my question is: can a complete support for mate-desktop be expected in the future? If not, is there any tweaking the user can employ to use it with mate-desktop?
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You can replace Marco with XFWM4 which there is a theme for.
Great! Will try that.

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Hi, Could you include support for LightDM GTK + Greeter? While using the theme, the panel bar is white, as is the font and icons.
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The login window looks a lot better now, but the panel is still white for some reason, I tried to change the colour but nothing take effect:
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Try it now. This worked for me at least.…
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It's all good, thanks for fixing it!
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Nice Theme, works fine on my Fedora 27 Gnome-shell Version 3.26.2.. :-D
So great! Thanks for the work!
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Awesome theme! No glitches in my favourite applications. Wide scrollbars. Clean styling. Good contrast for text. Why are there so few themes that can meet these simple requirements?

The low contrast thing really bugs me because I spend 9 hours a day working on my Linux machine in a variety of lighting conditions and levels of tiredness and I need to *read* what is on the screen.

Thank you!!!
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thanks for this great theme.

I was wondering, since there is no explicit screen shot, does this theme modifies the panel drop downs (see red square -> ?


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Sexy as always lassekongo83 - nice to see you still going! The king of theming.
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Great theme - loving this in Ubuntu 17.10 with Gnome 3.26 :)
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god I miss gnome 3 + dash to dock. win10 is... it's hell.

looks clean, very functional and usable
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I never thought about using version control for hosting themes. Makes sense though, haha!
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awesome glad u back
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awesome how did you get the transparent panel
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Excellent, thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
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Modern, elegant, minimalistic, classy. I am glad to see you back Mattias!
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Awesome, minimalistic and refined theme. I like it even more than Zukitre. I really appreciate your work. Also, thank you for supporting Xfce and caring about small issues reported on GitHub (Fix #6 and #7 for example).
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Tjusigt! :D Stort plus på Solarized också. ;)
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awesome.. well done!
btw what's the font in the text editor? looks really cool!
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