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Orange door hinge

We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange.
Door hinge?

;) :p

Zip includes GTK and Emerald theme.

Wallpaper: [link]
Icons: [link]


May 01 2008 - Fixed the panel bug where some tray icons moved 1 pixel down.
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I love the description!! I was actually just playing Monkey Island 3 on Wine, a few days ago. So nostalgic!!! Oh, and love the theme of course.
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ill put linux soon just to use that skin u made @_@ temptating!!
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One of my favourite themes. Thanks for sharing.
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It's amazing. I love this theme. very good =O
I was publiqued in my blog jeje

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I've always loved lassekongo83's style.. it's great!
This work is not my preferred one among his themes.. but it's really a big big piece of art, in my opinion..
Good colors, good cut and nice ensemble..
Very good!!
Ah! Looks great on my Pidgin install! ;D

Thanks a ton!
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Perfect theme. Currently using it on my f3 notebook!
You're very tallented!
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err think it was Lemons actually, great work however.
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Hahaha, I love that song :>
Really nice theme. Quick question:

How did you make your titlebar, application, menu fonts etc into "all caps"?
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It's the font AvantGarde LT Medium Caps.
Looks great!
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Great Theme! What font are you using on the theme?
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AvantGarde LT Medium
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I'm a sucker for orange things...

This theme looks great with the Breathe Orange Openbox theme... Great job!
Nice! And love the COMI reference xD
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Very slick, right up my alley. Too bad I don't bother with linux any more.
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Splendid work
You have excelent ideas for minimalistic designs.

I'd like to know which font u're using

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Great job here !
You MUST port it to XP, please !!!!!!
Port yourself to linux instead :D
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lol hard to do that !
BUT, if i install ubuntu, can i apply your theme (and how)?
(i'm a big noob on ubuntu)

Thank you for your help.
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Very nice theme! I'm using it right now!

btw. how do i use ur "start_here.png" (i'm guessing its the distributor logo). I'm also currently using the allblack icon set and it comes with its own distributor logo.

I tired replacing the iconset's distributor with urs but it didn't change :(.

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