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Nothing Out Of The Ordinary.
Never got around to release this port. I started to work on it when I released NOOTO VS but then stopped for some reason. But now it's here and it requires the Aurora GTK Engine, 1.2 or later. The gtk is based on fratrip's Aurora Leopard.

Wall: Kristen Stewart



All my Visual Styles and Skins are "open source". That means you can make modifications and ports as long as you submit it with the same Creative Commons License I use, and a link back to the original work too. No need to ask for permission.
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please release nooto for windnows 7
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i know it's probably a far cry from priority since you have newer projects and stuff but is there any hope for a gtk3 version of this? was thinking about setting up a dual booter with winxp again just for this theme lol
anyway, always love your work. cheers!
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very beautiful :)
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may i have another wall link, please?
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Awesome, but doesn't work in windows 7 :(
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Menubar font illegible (black on black) in openoffice.
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excellent theme,
Thank´s for creating this wonderful Theme for MS XP! It is nerly the best Theme of the year and I use only this as my favorit Theme of all the time!
It looks a bit like linux Ubuntu Gnome Themes , Thank´s very cool!
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Quite a nice theme, even though I dislike the scrollbars (they dont seem to fit in at all). And I would wish the theme to support bigger panels, atm it just looks ugly with anything bigger than 22px...

Keep it up!
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Awesome stuff

Man.....I need to fave all work I have seen and liked otherwise I'll forget them
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This is so cool! Would PLEEAASE make a version for Windows 7?
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Clean and elegant. Another one of your themes which is among my favourites. I couldn't find the wallpaper in your gallery. May I ask where can I find it?
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Thanks Mattias you're a star!
I'll give that a shot this evening:)

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I installed the XP version of NOOTO because it is by far the best theme I've ever seen. Minimal and attractive... great!

I'm having problems with the GTK version of NOOTO though.

I'm experimenting with Ubuntu at the moment so I'm a bit of a noob with GTK.

The problem I've got is locating the beautiful styling for the taskbar in Ubuntu. I can't seem to find the 'Start-Here' png in the 7z archive.

I also followed your FAQ and created the hidden .themes folder but Ubuntu doesn't find the theme automatically.

I know these types of questions are a hassle but I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some pointers. I must have that great Start button and task bar on my Ubuntu desktop!
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Here's the icon: [link]
(I recommend that you resize it to 18px.)

The .themes directory must be located in your /home/username/ folder. Then the folder setup should look like this.


Then you just right-click on your desktop > change background > themes > customize.
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Is there an Emerald theme based on the Metacity in the works? I can't seem to find one anywhere online.
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Nope, not that I know of. But why make an emerald theme of a metacity that doesn't have rounded anti-aliased borders? :p
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Thanks but no thanks, first you archived it in a none native 7zip archive so i cant easily install it, secondly do you actually know anything about gnome ? Why didnt you make it a tar.gz like all other gnome themes so you can drag and drop it into the appearances window and bam easy install? You must not actually use linux in any form if you dont know how to, and i dont care how much more compression you get with 7zip, i'll take less compression over inability to install any day!!
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Reason for 7z - DeviantART doesn't support tar.gz. And I also work and make my GTK themes in Windows for the most of the time. ;)
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please checkout the screenshot.its a launcher property.iam using Ubuntu.Jaunty 9.04 now.
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sorry could you tell me where is the Start icon? I can't found it out
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May I know what font do you use?
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