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This GTK theme requires the pixmap/pixbuf engine (for the panel) and the latest Murrine SVN engine. It's based on MurrineGlow.

There are Murrine .deb installers for Ubuntu here: [link]

Or you can get the engine through subversion and compile it yourself.

svn checkout [link] murrine
cd murrine
./ --enable-animation
sudo make install

Just copy the [link] above and paste it in your terminal.

I'm trying to learn some more GTK stuff, so I thought the Murrine engine would fit well for this. It's pretty easy to configure. :)

I've included several panelbg graphics that can be applied to different panel heights. The standard is 26px. If you want 22, 24, or 30, you can rename any of those PNG images to panel-bg.png.

Wall: [link]
Icons: KDE4 oxygen.
Font: Futura MdCn BT

License: GPL
© 2008 - 2021 lassekongo83
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dude, very nice work, but, what fonts do you use ??, can you tell me please!
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Very nice, love the new murrine widgets!
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As much as I love your work, your recent Visual Styles look too similar. Some may have different colors and a new start button, but that's about it.
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Riktigt snyggt! Bra jobbat. Får dock lite felmeddelanden:

/MurrineCleanGlass/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:85: error: unexpected identifier `style', expected character `}'

Kör senaste SVN-versionen av Murrinemotorn. Du har ingen aning vad det kan bero på?
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Kan mycket väl bero på att det är en ostabil verision av Murrine. Men vad gör du när felmeddelandet dyker upp?
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Okej, hrm. Jag försöker bara att välja temat under "Appearance" så dyker det upp. Temat funkar inte alls bara för det =(
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Absolute the best scrollbars I have ever seen for GTK! Thanks!
Sand-And-Mercury's avatar
Thanks for my new desktop theme.
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nice work! downloading now! ;P
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It looks really awsome .... Great Work!
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Any ideas why this theme, and not any other Murrine theme, simply does not load? I have installed the latest version of the Murrine engine.
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I had the same problem when I compiled it, the deb file helped me though.
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Can u make the same loading bar, for Windows XP ? If it isnt a problem ? it looks great !
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Here I see buttons and bars like I would love to see in your windows-releases.
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That's exactly what I thought :)
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Very nice indeed! Good work, brutha.

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may i ask you how you manage to write a little bit "smaller" in your "artist comment" ( your description of the VisualStyle ), here on dA?

and thanks again for sharing of course, your visualstyles are really amazing, iv'e tride them all on XP :D

lassekongo83's avatar
Without spaces
< sub > Text </ sub > :)
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you are my hero! :D , thanks again! and cheers from France! ;) :)

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excellent :D cant wait for the windows version :)
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