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Moar of those

Because :iconmoarplz:

Just re-using the shape I've used in some of my earlier wallpapers and adding it on some nice colors. :p

2 colors.
2560x1600 scales well down to all widescreen resolutions.
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Very Nice..............
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Using your lovely wall here: [link]
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Used your wall, thanks!
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Awesome wallpaper!
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really vErY nIcE
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bra bild! jag älskar det :)
jag vill mer från det :)

btw: this is my own swedish, i didn't use google translate xD
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Gorgeous! Keep it up!
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That is awesome, please keep making moar ^^

Love blue it makes my mind calm.
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very nice
thanks for sharing
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nice :)
been featured on [link]
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Thanks a lot (again) for sharing ! :)
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Just the sort of thing I was looking for! :)
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I remember this shape from the jeans wallpaper, correct me if I am mistaken. I've always liked the shape. Downloading now.
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Very nice wallpaper
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