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May 2011

Nothing special. Just some KDE. Creativity is kind of low now because of Gnome 3 and Unity...

Wallpaper: [link] (Nathan.)
Plasma: [link] (Produkt.)
Qtcurve: [link] (G Theme Pack. Slightly modded.)
Icons: Faenza.
Font: Trebuchet MS.
Emerald: Zuki by me.
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You gave me another reason to hate unity :)

Use Linux Mint :P they still have Gnome 2 :)
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Your comment about Gnome 3 and Unity made me a little sad ... I'm really upset about the lack of customizability of 11.04 although I did manage to get Emerald working. Do you plan on doing any new Metacity themes by any chance?
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Did you change the dolphin icon to wireshark's?
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>Creativity is kind of low now because of Gnome 3 and Unity

I see that You didn't liked GNOME 3 or Unity. I'm just wondering if you're going to switch into KDE + Emerald for sure? Right now, I'm considering it for myself, but there are some reasons to stay with it, for example some themes, including yours.

Having theme creator as capable as You in KDE community would be a great point to try it. I keep my fingers crossed for such changes.
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I'm looking into the possibility of using GTK3 with XFCE or LXDE if they pick that up. KDE is heavily based around vector graphics and I personally prefer the way GTK3 uses CSS to style the buttons and stuff. (Though it needs to support some more CSS3 imo.) :p That way I won't be stuck with vector graphics which I've never really liked to work with. I started as a pixel artist and I still am one. KDE is nice to use and fun to try from time to time, but it's pretty hard and time-consuming to customize.

I don't like Gnome-shell, but maybe Linux Mint will do something nice with the classic Gnome 3 desktop. I'm worried that we'll never see something like emerald again though. But if Gnome 3 can do client-side window decorations with CSS, then I wouldn't be too worried. But knowing how the Gnome team worked with Gnome 2, I don't have much hope.

At the moment I'm fiddling around with LXDE in a virtual machine to see if I can create something nice. Lxpanel behaves a bit inconsistent though.
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I and many others feel your pain! However, there is still hope. You might want to keep an eye out on [link]
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welcome, i'm from georgia and i have question imac soon addles? i want buy but need advice
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Es Mac-i ar aris. Linux-ia. :)
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sweet setup :+fav:
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Nice setup. I like you wall
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