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4 colors.
- Blue
- Green
- Brown
- Pink

Girl: Aki Hoshino (just a picture, not a wallpaper)

Preview is photoshopped!


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Any chance of having a port for XFCE?
I really like your work :)
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Hi can you make it also per xfce?
I've always loved your themes <3
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heh, første gang jeg faktisk har set dette tema, men min første tanke var at man skulle tro du var dansk og ikke svensk :-)
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Hi, I would like to use some of your metacity works (adapting them and giving you credit) into my theme projects. May I? Thanks in advance.
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I see i'm not Aki's only fan ^________^
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can i take this pic. link pls...
The best theme that should be default.
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Nice Blue Theme! :w00t:
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Amazing theme! I was your fan when i used windows, now i am your fan using ubuntu. Keep up the reallllyyy good work!

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oh man i love aki hoshino
What's the font please??

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The font is Futura, it's included when you download this VS: [link] .
Luder? Vilket namn ;o!
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Can we get a white version too bud?

This is fantastic.
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this is a pretty good luck. and as a side note, that girl is perky as hell. :p
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um, no idea why i said luck. anyhoo, now that i have Ubuntu, i can use this!
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great work This is really nice, there is one problem I found, but I think it is more about my set up, than the theme, the top bar (which I use due to the fact I use a full screen (for now...). I cannot get it to 21px, so it looks kinda funny... once again, I think it is because of my set up though.
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I've noticed that too, when it's placed at the top. I belive I fixed it when I removed some stuff from the panel. But when it's placed at the bottom you can set it to 22px which I find strange.
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Like the 'selected' overlay, but not impressed with the vs. what's happened man! u need to check the quality ur up againt with nitelitexp!!
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Sorry that was a little blunt, few too many drinks last night. Just hoping u'll get back to dark smooth vs soon.Just loved SlanXP2,u sure its all over for SlanXP??
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Well, nothing's happened really. Just trying some new widgets. Trying to get away from the KDE4 Oxygen inspired look that Shiftie had. :p
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Top quality work!

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looks nice indeed, just the fact that scrollbars are not visible enough on any of the latest themes which uses same engine similar to this one..
that is really annoying because little bit of grayscale contrast could be added to resemble scrollbar on large scrolling areas since no one wants to search scrollbar on window while browsing or so :)
this includes all Kupo, Shiftie, Shiftie Pastel and few others which i cant remember..
would be nice to see that fixed :)
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