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The emerald theme I made for this screenshot - [link]

Wall: [link]
Pic: One of my photos.
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I really miss this theme. Shame Emerald is dead in the water. What's the chance of getting this theme in GTK3?
I'm a bit late to the party but the Compiz Reloaded project is active and is keeping the 0.8x series alive. I never got the chance to go full retard when compiz was really popular but I'm definitely making up for lost time now.
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Sexist Emerald theme ever! My life is complete!
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Nice! Looking forward to trying this out!
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just amazing, keep working dude your awesome ! ;)
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i love this emerald so much ,thanks.
*Speechless* Simple, pure, Perfect.
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I just checked it. Excellent theme.
However - shadow is very strong by default (high opacity), which doesn't look well in menus or panel placed on top.
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is it hard to port this pekwm?
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Awh, this is amazing!! when I get my ubuntu rig going again, I'll use this 8D
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I wish Windows could have such small window borders. The only theme I had similar to this didn't look good at all, but this is great!
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Thanks for sharing.
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Amazing ^_*

Thanks for it!
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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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Amazing and pur :woohoo:
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