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Kupo Finale

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Back to the pixmap/pixbuf engine for this one. The dark one is my first complete dark theme for GTK, so it may have some bugs.

Metacity and emerald themes included.

Wallpaper is from KDE4.2 - [link]
"Start icon" from an icon set called Neon: [link] (not made by me).
Font is Futura MdCn BT.

- Made some text colors in the dark theme brighter.
- Changed the bg color on tooltips.
- Fixed the Gimp rulers by using the murrine engine.



All my Visual Styles and Skins are "open source". That means you can make modifications and ports as long as you submit it with the same Creative Commons License I use, and a link back to the original work too. No need to ask for permission.
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BlackSheepRisingHobbyist Digital Artist
How do you make themes for GNOME?
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Using this right now! I love it! :meow:
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very nice theme, just what I was looking for :)

mind you, the start icon link is dead I guess, there is no info on that page.

do you mind uploading it elsewhere? thanks :)
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I second what CodilX said!
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Very clean. Nice work. :clap:
qaov's avatar
sweet :)
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AxleHelios Photographer
Thank you!
This is exactly what I was looking for for Pidgin.
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Awe man, with this theme you did the business.
unk18's avatar
Please Please can someone covert this style to vista?
LOVE u're work man.
gist dreaming about this template but in Vista Version.
thank you.
leafdog's avatar
I dont think Vista could handle the epicness.
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Lass, you are perfect, I have never liked any themes more then yours.
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XP version please!
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this is awesome! definately staying on my desktop for quite a while!
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Please port this to XP!
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Ahh didn't notice you already did :)
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Charly11Professional Digital Artist
Hola no tienes ese tema para Windows XP?
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Awsome! +fav
Kul att se begåvade svenskar här :)
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WaitingforBudStudent Traditional Artist
hey love the theme but i cant find the GTK2 theme engine to use the theme... do you know where i can find it?
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Any chance to have this on xp? :P
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This is really great!

Could I get a new working link to the icon set the start button is from?

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BaNaNA-BOiHobbyist Photographer
Great theme, I love it !
Where can I find the Futura MdCn BT font ?
Thank you very much. :)
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