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Kemikal Reaction

1920x1200 and 1680x1050

With and without text.

Stock photo used: [link]

Update: Included a graphite version.
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Could you say what's the pattern that u're using?
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I began to wonder, did you use a texture to create the dot-like background ?
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This is my favorite out of all wallpapers I've ever used. Gorgeous work.
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I'm trying to download your wallpaper and the file type is showing as a .7z, which can't be opened with anything I have.

Any ideas how I can open it please?
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Vafan jag måste sluta kolla ditt galleri, måste nästan kommentera på varenda deviation, för snyggt! Sjukt bra idé
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nice, you have only the black on 1280x800?
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simply nice ~
really love this wallpaper. the texture works well with the font, the texture gives the images a 'mounted' kind of look. great job :)
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wow it looks awesome :D
great work
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Your lovely Wallpaper has been featured here: [link]

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cool, its a nice and smooth wallpaper.
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Fun wallpaper. :)
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Too bad it aint comes in 1440x900 :E

Still, awesome work!
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Heh, you spelt your username wrong.

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thank you for your submission... its good and original...

and thanks for submitting your work in some of the larger resolutions as its easy to scale down pictures, but enlarging them can get ugly.
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What's it you have against fullscreen resolutions? :(
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Fills my screen okay...
*Wishes for 1440x900*
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