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Johka Theme Pack



Johka Theme Pack Includes:
- Visual Style with 3 color schemes. (Finally with some new buttons and stuff ;) )
- Miranda IM skin for Modern Contact List.
- Foobar setup (FooBerry - Only blue so far.)
- Yz Dock Background. :p

You can use the same instructions from my previous FooLars for the FooBerry setup.

Known Miranda issues

The Miranda skin is my first. I don't understand everything about Miranda yet, so here are a few known issues about that skin.

- The caption buttons are placed in the middle, and that may look a bit strange compared to the rest of the VS. I've tried changing several values without any luck.
- You may need to change the contact list layout by hand. (Not a bug, just how the plugin works I think.)

UPDATE 30/10 - 2007
- All programs text in the startmenu being cut off in other languages than english should now be fixed.

UPDATE 29/10 - 2007
- Extra colors for Miranda IM and Yz Dock.
- Simple wallpapers included.
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