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How simple...

Same simple wallpaper as seen in my capriccio preview images.

Feel free to share and modify.
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wo00o0o00o0ow very nice , how simple ;)
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its simple as it is thanks
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Simple but great ! Love it ! Thanks a lot
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Great work, keep it coming.
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"Unable to open archive?" Not fair. ;_;
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Sorry, finally got it. Great wallpaper!
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I can really see how you are using Photoshop for your preview images, and I've based a few for some of my work. I like your presentation of visual styles and wallpapers of yours, they have a professional feel to them.

Keep up the great work, lassekongo83, I've enjoyed your visual styles and walls for quite a while now. I'm currently using Auriel :).
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Very nice! Thanks for that and I just used it as a background on my latest set of dock icons here. (gratuitous spam!)
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Using these on win7. look really nice! thanks
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Nice. How simple.
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Nice..but more colour variations, pls ;)
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Simple... perfect =)
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simple + minimal = perfect. thanks a lot!
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Minimalistic and yet functional. cheers
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Simple and nice. :)
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How simple dude..
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