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February 14, 2011
GAIA Sprout by ~lassekongo83 If you are looking for the elegant theme in GAIA style, the "GAIA Sprout" is right for you!
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GAIA Sprout



GAIA Sprout

2 emerald themes. (And 1 very simple GTK theme just made to match the colors on the 1st emerald theme. If you choose the 2nd emerald theme you can use any theme you want.)

See the installation instructions here - [link]

This was partly inspired by this design: [link]

Desktop screenshot: [link]

I never got around to submit it to the official release, so it's more of a spin-off. :p

Also, back from my slumber without the interwebs...

Any questions or problems with my themes? - Read my FAQ first!
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This was one of the best emerald themes. So nostalgic