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February 2011

Created an emerald theme out of boredom.

GTK: Zuki Blues
Emerald: [link]
Wall: [link]
Pic: [link]
Icons: Faenza
Font: Trebuchet MS
Apps: Opera, feh, docky, nautilus-elementary, xfce4-terminal, gnome-globalmenu
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© 2011 - 2021 lassekongo83
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Do you use RocketDock?
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which linux flavour
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which linux flavor is this[link]
Hi, i guess it is gnome3, i would know how do you use emerald with, i dont find anything to do this. Some sites even say that it can run with gnome-shell
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Faved. It's beautiful.
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Nice shot! featured in #Galaxy-GUI
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Opera skin.. ?
The wall is very nice.
Do you mind telling how you adjusted the colors? I've failed badly myself :)
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Nice shot!
Trebuchet rocks :)
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Beautiful :) So calm and relaxing. Would love to be able to stare at that every day!
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Väntar ivrigt på Emerald-temat :)
grymt som alltid!
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sweet shot but i have a question how come your distributor logo is grey? the faenza iconset has the orange, how do you make it grey?
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It's Faenza-Dark.
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How do you make your GTK theme transparent?
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Goddammit, I love your green themes! But somehow they never work out on my desktop...

BTW, Lassekongo83 (it's quite fun typing that name), you might wanna take a look at this link. [link] No more relying on modifying background for transparency, coz there's a Gnome-Panel fix! :D
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pixelfuckers lol. never heard of it.
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Eagerly awaiting the emerald release.
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