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Elements GTK

By lassekongo83
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Fast port of [link]
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um for some reason that theme worked for years for my win xp o.o maybe u did other for win xp omfg i cant remember :P but sure i used one like that for ages
Its a very nice Theme. But I have some questions:

I have the same Error Message.
The Start-Button does not show.
How can I change the Start-Button?

How I install this theme correctly?
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Quite a few of your GTK themes have this error message when launching a GUI application from the console: "[...] unexpected character `{', expected character `='" on line 1719 of the gtkrc file. I don't know too much about themes so I didn't get too far when I was searching for a possible fix.
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Which font do you use? Looks very nice!
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good job but it need work cause it doesn't look anything like visual style for windows..
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awesome work! :thumbsup:
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Not bad, but I hope it gets updated.

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No colored bar at the top of the window?
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Is it complete or it's a work in progress?I have some problems with menu. Back of the windows has gradient, but menu is grey without gradient end line are small. Can you up a screen with windows and menu open? Thank's!
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Very nice! Great work!
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I like to have similar or the same look on my dual boot computer for Windows and Ubuntu. Thanks!
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GREAT GREAT GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Snyggt! Använder det nu. :)
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