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Dots Emerald

By lassekongo83
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Very simple and smooth emerald theme.

If you know how to: Set the menubar color to #222222 in your gtkrc file for dark menubars.

Update: Fixed a small issue with maximized windows.
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your themes are so so so so so beatutiful!!!
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This is gorgeous. I am doing an Arch install w/ xfce soon and really wanting compiz now so I can use this!
Also love all comments asking for windows ports. I'd tell them to bug off if I was you!
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amazing artwork! Wow! simple and elegant finally to gnome! can you please please please post your gtkrc file an d tell the theme you are using here? or explain how to set the menubar color to #222222 in gtkrc file for dark menubars?

it will be very appreciated!
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Oh man. Why'd I have to switch over to Openbox right before I see this? ;-;
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COOOOOOOOOL 100%100 ^_^
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great!, I only don't like the girls photo XD.
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Great theme.
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where would I download this emerald?
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Really nice theme, so pure & taste. Thanks for it. :)
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Hey, I created a murrine-based GTK theme (I know you had one on here that you put with it in the screenshot) that fits with this emerald theme and turned the emerald theme itself into a metacity theme. Would you have a problem with me posting it up here on my account? I really like the style of this theme regardless though - very simple, yet elecgant. Keep up the good work!
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Great style man. I really enjoy this one. Thank you!
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Wats the title font Mattias?
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lassekongo83, vad är det för GTK-tema du använder på bilden? Bra jobbat iaf! Har alla linux temor som du gjort :)
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wish you could get smooth corners in XP :(
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it seems that your dream almost became true... any chance to get metacity theme?
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Come on , we need something like this for windows xp . i tried to install ubuntu on my old computer , but the hard drive isnt that good and i keep getting error installing base system
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where do you get all these photos, and how can I acquire them?
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wow, thats nice! could you make a vs for xp that looks like that???
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Let me know when you have. I'd use it
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