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April 2013

By lassekongo83
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Gnome-shell 3.8 on Ubuntu 13.04 beta.

Theme: Zukiwi
Fonts: Liberation Sans Narrow, Pragmata
Wall: [link]
Icons: [link] and [link]
Apps: nautilus, gnome-terminal, irssi, gedit, plank.
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Grymt! Blir att testa Zukiwi snarast :-)
zagortenay333's avatar
I´m staying with 3.6 for now.3.8 has no extensions so it´s useless. :/
puntigamer's avatar
top class as always! Can't wait to use Zukiwi again! Thank you ;)
AlexanderProfane's avatar
Great shot, the only thing I'm not particularly fond of is the wallpaper, but other than that it's ace.
Phendrome's avatar
Nice looking desktop!

One question though, what theme are you using for Plank? Would appreciate the answer a lot!
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Editing dock.theme from another theme.


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Tackar så mycket! :)
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p0ngbrHobbyist Interface Designer
nice shot! :D
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Inoki-SakaeruStudent Digital Artist
I wonder how do people customize plank. How to do skins for it or modify the easier way.
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From what I know you can only change the theme. You can easily search your way how to do it. Though I don't seem to find a way to specifically change the icons in the dock.
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Inoki-SakaeruStudent Digital Artist
Here's how I do it:

- I drag a launcher
- open a text editor as root
- navigate to the particular *.desktop file
- open it with the text editor in root mode
- look for the line that says "icon" and replace what it says with the exact path of the icon (a simple CTRL + C in Thunar is enough to copy the whole path to the object)
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Thanks a lot! As a novice I had to search around a little but I managed to figure it out, thanks!

Sadly it also changes the icon in the menus too (I would like it to change only in Plank). But this will do for now! :D
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DeviantMMHobbyist Photographer
Very nice, but I prefer your other previous works.
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Great job! Your themes are the best ever made for gtk. Hope you find the time to upgrade Zukitwo and Zukini too. Thank you very much.
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papir-tigrisStudent General Artist
Really nice looking. Heard that 13.04 is way better then the 12....with GNOME shell also! :)
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Still FU... I always go back to linux for some weeks when you release a theme. Then uninstalling it for the need of windows :<. (Yes I know about dual-boot but then it's a waste of space to keep linux for actually nothing)
solidslash's avatar
~10gigs for a linux partition is a "waste of space"? How big is your hard drive?!
Rokalacs's avatar
10 Gb for an up to date linux which is not Arch? Nice joke, you need at least 20 if you want some stuff there too. Btw, 250 Gb - 40 W7, 210 data (about 20-30 free space, sometimes 10) [laptop].
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beautiful ;) waiting for the release!
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like it! as always..
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