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Hi Lassekongo. I'm looking for an old wallpaper I used in the past 2005', named "the elephant strip" : can you kindly provide my with the link? KR

Very nice! Thanks!

Hi Lassekongo, Reactos could use a style, maby can you make something for Reactos, in Blue Reactos Colors, mus be later 100% X compatieble, because they works with a cleanroom and found the code 100% by self for be at last 100% compatieble and no take from MS code.. so, a XP from The community, Reactos :) later free fro all , like freebeer and 100% save because open source, GPL2.. i want you invite to the project as designer :)
best regards

I've got a question, hope you can help,

I've been googling for quite a while for a remedy on how to adjust the panel's notification area in Xfce to allow icons in the tray/notification area more space, so they are not too tight on one another. I was told, that this has to be edited in the Gtk file of the theme, yet I cannot seem to find the right strings, thus would appreciate your help.

Depends on what theme you use.

For my themes Zukitwo and Zukiwi.

The first you'll see when you open that file is this:
xthickness = 4 # The spacing (padding) inside and between applets. Add a lower value for a more compact look.
Change 4 to a higher number. In other themes it may be located in the gtkrc file. Style classes can vary between themes. But this will fix it in my themes anyways.

Unfortunately there's a design miss by the XFCE devs. When that number is higher the icons in the panel will become smaller.