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Your Words
Your words
Like broken glass
The endless stream of abuse
Just wish it would pass
I try to block them out
But they echo in my mind
How can you shut out
What's already locked inside?
Your words
Create nightmares of shame
I should already be used to it
After those night in the rain
Alone in the dark
Watching monsters creep
How can you have nightmares
If you no longer sleep?
Your words
Like a physical blow
Running for hours
With no where to go
Then I come home
And lock myself in
How can I be hurt
When I can't hear a thing?
Your words
Harder than your hand
Too tired to fight now
Just too hard to understand
I let you get away with it
Like I did the time before
How much more can I take
When I can't handle anymore?
:iconjosie-mouse:Josie-mouse 3 4
Never Thought
I never thought
That these walls would break
So much they could take
Blow after blow
With a wrecking ball
It wasn't the reason
That caused them to fall
They never thought
That they could get in
Until the roof caved in
Now an opening
They clambered inside
Opening every door
There was nothing left to hide
I never thought
Whose fault it would be
The blame falls to me
Putting so much pressure
On such flimsy thread
Only a temporary fix
It came apart instead
They never thought
That she would go this far
Now an invisible scar
Locked in too much
The floor gave way
With so much damage
Now she must pay
We always thought
That this strength would last
Everything from the past
We always assumed
That these walls were strong
Never stopped wondering
Where did I go wrong?
:iconjosie-mouse:Josie-mouse 2 2
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I think I need it. I wanted something distracting when I was feeling depressed, so I decided to try my hand at dying yarn. I don't have the space or money to buy pots and tools just for dying, so I went with a more food friendly option- frosting gel dyes. I've managed some really vibrant colors, but something is happening I don't understand. My blues don't want to absorb.

I'm using fisherman's wool, and americolor coloring, and either could be the culprit, I have no clue. When I tried to dye some teal, it came out a beautiful emerald green (with bright blue leftover water). When I just dyed some fading shades of grey/black, it came out pink and purple (with a gorgeous teal leftover water, irony...)! I don't paint and have never had much interest in color mixing elsewhere, so I am really at a loss as to what is going on. Any suggestions? Blue is one of my favorite colors, if not my favorite, so this is extra annoying.

I avoided the koolaid option because it could get pretty expensive and is limited to crazy bright stuff. But that seems to be where I'm at with this too. I've also used rit dye (on a shirt) before, but it was a huge disappointment and headache. It was supposed to be teal also, but came out a barely discernible blueish grey color. What is my problem with blue?! My water, my dyes, my pots, me? I've tried using a ton more dye, dying it again, letting it soak for a really long time, but nothing seems to work. Help!

It is also interesting to note that if I dye with nothing BUT blue, it will turn blue. But everything with blue in it, or as only part of it, comes out very wrong.
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