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Autumn and the Big Strawberry
I was at the store and I saw these strawberries that were so big that I could eat them like apples.  Then, out of nowhere, a lady in pilates gear walks up and snatches one and eats it right there!  I PURCHASED the other one to eat later.
SunnyMushroom12 gave Tempus Fugit Fashion Square 4.5/5
“All in all, this is one of the best malls to go for high end name brands and exotic food from all over Splithia.  I thought the service at Alluria Bar and Grill was especially good and the seared aquiferian scallops were to die for!  The kids enjoyed Natural Beauty and Daisy’s Toys.  The only complaint I have is the strange ghost-like loiterers that seemed to hang out by the fountain…”

TFFSJenkins replied: “Hello, SunnyMushroom12!  I appreciate your comment and I’d like to assure you our “ghost-like” employees are anything but loiterers.  They may seem unsettling to first time visitors, but they are harmless.”

DeathStriketheTelluridyan gave Tempus Fugit Fashion Square 5/5
“I’m so glad this mall is doing better!  When I was in college, this place was pretty much dead.  They had the old bookstore and maybe the fry stand, but it was like overnight and they’re back and better than ever!  I really appreciate the hologram employee helping me select a gift for Dad.”

TFFSJenkins replied: “Thank you for visiting us!  Yes, we decided to restructure our business and it was very rewarding.  Looking forward to your next visit!”

TGIFriday111 gave Tempus Fugit Fashion Square 0/5 stars

TFFSJenkins replied: “Trolling is against the rules.  Spamming the boards will result in a ban.”

GryphonRider55 gave Tempus Fugit Fashion Square 4/5
“Pretty good food at Twisted Pretzel, dropped my lemonade because the holograms startled me.  It’s no longer a dead mall, why do the holograms look like zombies??  My kid started crying when one of them asked her if she knew September??  Very creepy…”

TFFSJenkins replied: “I’m sorry about the unsettling experience with our mallwraith employee!  If you PM which one was bothering you, I’m sure I could do a little reprogramming so that this doesn’t happen again.  Thank you for shopping at Tempus Fugit Fashion Square!”

TGIFriday111 gave Tempus Fugit Fashion Square 0/5 stars
“The bathrooms were very dirty.”

TFFSJenkins replied: “I’m sorry to hear that!  I will have a talk with my housekeeping staff.”

TGIFriday111 replied: *deleted*
TFFSJenkins replied: “That is your last warning, sir.”

The ripples in the fountain shimmered with every color of the rainbow, one fading slowly to the next as the lights changed.  L’Santhe could watch it all day…and often they did.
“Mommy, what are those?”
“Don’t bother them, they’re working.”
The family of mushroom people scooted away, nearly forgetting about their decadent, sprinkled ice cream treats.
L’Santhe stared ahead, trying to remember her favorite dreams.
“Remember when we were surviving on that primordial planet?” the faint and wilted exeggutor whispered next to them.
Though her leaves were wilted and short, one could still see the orange color.  Her body was partially cloaked in what might have been a lab coat, but it looked more like limp dish rags now.  L’Santhe’s faded leisure suit was in similar condition.
“I…do…” L’Santhe said with much effort, “Autumn, it felt like we were there for so long…Palmiir was there…is Palmiir here?  Did Palmiir wake up.”
“Palmiir’s over Trendy Kicks…”
“Oh, that’s a new one.”
They spoke in whispers as they stared at the rainbow fountain.  
“Where’s Arecacea?”
“Over Outdoor Paradise…”
L’Santhe and Autumn stared ahead quietly some more, listening to the smooth jazz music that played non-stop over the mall speakers.
Shoppers came and went all around them.  The new ones gave them a wide berth and uneasy glances, but the regulars were quite comfortable; they sat nearby and drank bubble tea, snapped numerous selfies on their holophones, and carried on with friends like the two blank faced exeggutors weren’t there at all.

“Wow, you…really turned this place around…” stated the elderly morel-shaped fellow in the dark suit.
“Oh yes!  A new business model is really what we needed!”
The figure next to the stubby morel businessman was a stark contrast.  Instead of the humble palette of earthen tones, he was a full spectrum of every color.  Instead of short and awkward, his figure was tall and impossibly thin with a set of enormous butterfly wings sprouting from his back.  The wings themselves were a smooth gradient of blue fading into magenta.  Aqua crescents lined his wings like rudimentary feather markings.  His head was indeed shaped like a mushroom, with a matching magent-blue gradient and golden ring markings.  Instead of a bland, everyday business suit, the colorful mushroom entity wore an embroidered suit of deep red and gold.  He grinned a silly looking smile while holding a diamond-topped cane as he strolled the halls of the flourishing shopping mall.
“Well, I’m impressed!” the smaller morel man piped, “Could you let me in on your secret?”
The colorful mushroom man stopped and gazed over at the downstairs, observing the rainbow fountain and the familiar fuzziness.  
“Oh yes!  You just need to know how to save on electric…and know your target audience.”

L'Santhe and Autumn knew Jenkins was somewhere above them on the second floor, but they didn’t feel like looking.  The rainbow fountain was their favorite.  They both felt a connection to it somehow…
Footsteps approached L’Santhe and Autumn.  L’Santhe looked up lazily, only because the steps sounded like there was determination behind them.
A short, chubby exeggutor with one corndog grasped in his telekinesis stopped a few feet short of L’Santhe and Autumn.  He grinned at them a few second before speaking.
“Don’t worry, you two!  I have a plan, I’m going to get you out of here.”
With that, he turned and hurried off.
“Who was that?” Autumn asked.
“No…idea…” L’Santhe drawled.
Talking too much was so tiring.  Without another word, L’Santhe floated out of her seat, blurring a bit as his colors caught up to his outline.  He glided off toward the Allurian Bar and Grill.  Autumn did nothing because she knew it was the dinner rush.
Poopity doop doop I no longer writes good becuz I R a lab person and not righter.
Go Go Gadget Flamethrower!
My part of an art trade with :icongadgetgirlsteph1234:

Her pokemon trainer OC and Inspector Gadget in a double battle with the brand new starters Sobble and Scorbunny.

Also #TeamSobble 
I miss you guys!  I really do...  Now that I've graduated, I can be here more.


Jacquelline M. Kimminau
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United States
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Favourite genre of music: rock&roll, prog rock, psychedelic or classical
Favourite style of art: Impressionism and surrealism
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Shell of choice: The swirly purple ones on the beach
Wallpaper of choice: My elaborate mural
Skin of choice: White
Favourite cartoon character: Bender from Futurama and Stewie from Family Guy


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