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Zombie Dog Costume

By LaskaWolf
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Just a quick picture to show an idea of how Denali's Zombie Dog costume came out. I didn't have time to pull the fur over the one on his sideto blend it, and only after the fact did I realize the one on his leg was out of position. Ohwell.
I'll get better pictures later!
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May I ask how you did this?
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Holly, (laskawolf) you were so cute and clever! I remember the day we shopped for all of the materials that you needed for your Halloween project....I just wish we could be together so I could see and help you with your next project.
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Holly ...(laskawolf) you were so cute and clever....I remember this project of yours so well. You knew exactly what to do to make him look like a zombie dog and it was real fun on Holloween.
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Hahaha so funny.. you know, this saturday in my city there will be a "Walking dead" in the streets... I have a pitbull and I would to disguise her, how can I past the latex ( the wounds ) in her fur?
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He's so beautiful. How did you make these? I'm really wanting to make my dog a zombie for an upcoming zombie walk I'll be attending.
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I might do this with my dog for halloween. But she has shorter fur...
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how did you do that? im getting a black german shepherd puppy soon and i wanted to make him a zombie dog on holloween lol
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I bought fake halloween wounds like you can get almost anywhere this time of year, and some fake fur material like for costumes at a fabric store, and used food coloring to dab on the wound things. You just cut fur to line the rims of the 'injuries' to cover the skin part, and I used just some ordinary crayola markers to match the fur a little to wherever I put them on Denali. Then you get elastic bands (like the stuff that holds on party hats) and pierce either side of the wounds to make a loop.
The good thing about that way of keeping it on is you can hide it in your dog's fur easily. Make sure it's not too tight - you can just cut the string to remove it easily later without bothering the dog, because you can easily use new string any time you need to put it back on. Trust me - that's way easier than trying to slide the stuff into place. xD
And it's just that easy, really. You don't have to stain your dog's fur at all. Just mind you watch to be sure they don't chew them off and swallow the rubber or anything. :3
All the supplies used probably cost less than $100.
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:D thanks thats really helpful :)
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No problem. :3
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<3 That is just too cute :3
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Like your avatar? D8
That is amazing.
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looks nice.... my pet wouldn't allow...
how did you paste that?
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I held them on with elastic strings - like for party hats. They were easy to hide under his fur, and would only tighten just enough to hold them in place, but not enough to bother him, and then I could just slip them off instead of trying to untie or just cut them. x3
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wow, so simple :D perfect!
I'd just been zombified (?) and had to endure latex, that's why I was wondering.
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I did use those fake latex wounds to make them.
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Creepy, but very cool and not to forget realistic ^^
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heh, pretty good! I thought it was real!
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