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Sailor Hli

By Lashialee
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"In the name of the Hli, I will punish you!" Usagi Punish Icon 
I created an OC inspired by Sailor Moon and the Hmong traditional dress. "Hilb" means "moon" in Hmong language.
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Wonderfully done, especially the soft coloring, hair, and pose. :clap:

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Very pretty. Love the way you did the reflection on her sword and belt.

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ohh very original o:
I love it <3
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Icy stars Thanks!! Icy stars  .:Fluffy bunny and little star:. 
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she looks cool, nice work (^_^)

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I'm guessing you are too. Nice drawing.
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She looks so cute! Looks like one badass girl, especially with that beautiful sword. Clap 
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Thanks for that wonderful llama!
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That's a very pretty sword.  How might a cosplayer construct it?  
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This is a cute mashup. I like the concept and great technique! 
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She looks beautiful!
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Ah, with her sword she could also be from kingdom hearts, you know it?
Beautiful person here :o
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She looks very cool. This is why I prefer fanart to the real deal. You gave your OC a real identity and not some generic boring copy of the scout uniform with a color swap. It is so sad that most fanart of the other sailors than moon are so boring with their designs, no unique broach or even attempt at changing the design to something greater. (But for some reason moon gets the goddess treatment )
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Cute and lovely :wow:
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shes so cute !

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