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This character belongs to MiscHQ :iconmischq:
Thanks for participating in my raffle! :)
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love this face, so pretty and the eeys are special. 
benitezdk's avatar
... Very nice! ... :thumbsup: ... :love: ...
Ndzoodzoo's avatar
Love your art :)
HoshiBlue21's avatar
So beautiful drawing, just that eyes and expression!
Caladors's avatar
You have grown a lot as an artist looking at your earlier work, keep working hard.
Elver-Lee's avatar
Top 10 waifus.
RONNIE-S's avatar
Wow, u're awesome, really like ur style. Nice work!
Bouchardet-C's avatar
MiscHQ's avatar
Oh, my word, it's perfect! Thank you, so much! <3
Lashialee's avatar
You're welcome! :D I'm glad you like it!
SandyliciousArt's avatar
how beautiful. i like the colours, her lips <3
Lashialee's avatar
Thanks!! I tried to stay true to her lip color and not too glossy :)
SandyliciousArt's avatar
yeah, very well done :)
EmilyTenshi's avatar
Beautiful! It's so soft and ethereal. :D :love: 
Lashialee's avatar
Thanks! :D I don't understand what people mean by "soft" but thanks :)
Rosenwood1's avatar
i think usually it means that there are no hard lines, and everything blends well :3
elisaGolden's avatar
dat skill. dat beauty QwQ
Lashialee's avatar
Thanks! I still need to learn more. :D
Sapphire236's avatar
Oh so beautiful..!! small heart - purple
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