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Conky empowered desktop

By laserbeam3
Hi there everyone. I spent this morning configuring my desktop and it got so awsum I just had to make my first upload here.

Before I talk about the actual conky configurations I'd like to thank:
- kaivalgi [link] for his awsome conky scripts
- lyx91 [link] for the awsome wallpaper i used (and added a couple things of my own)
- several other people around the net who gave me some ideeas of what to make of my desktop

Now about my conkyrcs:
I tried to meld conky as best i could with my desktop and made it show every thing you see in the screenshot. 3 features are not provided by default in conky that i used:
- Gmail checks
- the weather forecast (i know conky has something for weather, but this script was way cooler)
- rhythmbox support
Everything else was done either directly from conky or through exec's

Here are the links for the weather and rhythmbox scripts

Btw guys... anyone know any cool ubuntu themes to go with this desktop?

Enjoy everyone!
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Why I get windows/widgets with a menu for each one instead to be integrated as a desktop theme? what I'm doing wrong?
not able to import them on linux they should be cmtp.7z not zip, any clue what to do ?
Not sure what the question is. 7z and zip are just two different archive formats that you can extract with various tool available on all OSes.

With that in mind, remember this was posted in 2010. I have no idea if things still work, and I have not used Linux in years.
hi! I not find Conky Scripts  "kaivalgi [link] for his awsome conky scripts"
can you help me?
I'm new in Linux, I installed Linux Mint 17 Cinamon.

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Hey, there... I just wanna say that I really LOVE this conky config, it actually fits my needs, perfectly. One q, though... Are you sure you've provided all files? For example, what about those lua features? O.o
This was made ages ago and honestly, I'm not sure I provided everything. I'm pretty sure I didn't, was really young and stupid back then, had no clue how to make a proper guide/release of anything. I'm not even on Linux anymore (except in virtual boxes when I test Linux builds of whatever I'm working on, and that's pretty rare). As far as I know, I don't have the files anymore, except what's in that zip file... and yeah, stuff may be missing :( sorry...
And I'm also looking for things to add to my Ubuntu as well as looking for Themes for it. if you happen to find some please let me know and yes I'm new at this. but I have been messing around with windows for a while but this is something thats VERY new to me so I would love any help that I can get. Thanks.
Yeah... so many things have changed, so much different is everything now... I'm really sorry, I can't even remember what I did with this when I made it... + in my time with Linux I learned one thing: programs remain compatible in the sense that they run on any Linux, no mater what version of anything is there... but everything else changes A LOT. Themes are incompatible, Gnome3 is totally different to Gnome2, Ubuntu's Unity is doing strange changes as well... I'm not even sure Conky works anymore anywhere :). I might be wrong, but packages might have changed, Conky might be used differently, and I haven't played with it in ages, so all I can say is best of luck in finding how to make it work.

I'm leaving this post on DA though just because the desktop is kinda cool (completely different to what I have now and what I value). But I can't remember anything about how I made it work, what I did with it. I'm pretty confident that I included everything in the archive though, including some instructions (well... guidelines?). Sorry, but best of luck!
Can you give me install info please?
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Following your instructions in the "Readme.txt" file you point to [link] to install conkyRhythmbox. Method 3 points to [link] I'm a Slackware user so does it matter which conkyRhythmbox file to doenload?

Same question applies for conkyForecast.
Pfff... damn, can't remember. I did this a looong time ago, now I just use a clean Gnome-Shell. Plus, I never used Slack.
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very cool :)
a suggestion: the rings on the left remind me of a conky script that you may want to check out (just google for conky rings script, or alternatively check out my conky :D), it can draw any Conky variable as a ring, I just found it and it's terribly cool, so I tend to talk about it way too much to let the world know that such great things exist :D:D
Yeah... i sort of knew about that script, and I initially wanted to add some clock on those rings, but then the rest of my scripts took quite some time to finish, so I postponed that.

I still haven't done it though.
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It's quite a complicated and complex conky, but it's really nice :dance:
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soo dope! well done!!!
Hi! Very nice!! Looks like a sci-fi movie!
I tried to install this conky but you miss the .concky file in your zip package.
There is no .conkyrc file... it's a bit more complicated because there are more than one conkys on screen (4) so i made a conky_start bash script (it's in the bin folder) which starts 4 conkys each with their separate .conkyrc (found in the .conky folder... which should be placed in yout home folder)

You should still look around those files to get an idea of what's happening (like for example you have to fill in your username and password in the gmail script)

If there is anything more specific you want to ask please do.

BTW... sorry for the late response... I kind of go rarely through here.
Welcome to the Enterprise, Captain Picard. Seamana mult desktopu pe interfata din Star Trek :D. So it's awesome :D
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