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Conky empowered desktop



Hi there everyone. I spent this morning configuring my desktop and it got so awsum I just had to make my first upload here.

Before I talk about the actual conky configurations I'd like to thank:
- kaivalgi [link] for his awsome conky scripts
- lyx91 [link] for the awsome wallpaper i used (and added a couple things of my own)
- several other people around the net who gave me some ideeas of what to make of my desktop

Now about my conkyrcs:
I tried to meld conky as best i could with my desktop and made it show every thing you see in the screenshot. 3 features are not provided by default in conky that i used:
- Gmail checks
- the weather forecast (i know conky has something for weather, but this script was way cooler)
- rhythmbox support
Everything else was done either directly from conky or through exec's

Here are the links for the weather and rhythmbox scripts

Btw guys... anyone know any cool ubuntu themes to go with this desktop?

Enjoy everyone!
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Why I get windows/widgets with a menu for each one instead to be integrated as a desktop theme? what I'm doing wrong?