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here's a limited edition science fiction themed 12 print set, run of 100.
the set includes 12 unpublished exclusive prints, on 23x23cm (9x9in), 220gr conqueror paper, individually signed and numbered, and comes on a customised folder.

the full set costs $46 or 35 plus shipping
shipping to the USA $14, to EU 7, SPAIN 3.

you can order the sets, or get more info, by email at…
can i have deviantart email me notifications of messages and comments?
it'd really help me keep up with my friends here...
hello everyone!

i'll be publishing a short creator owned story (12pg) i've created along with writer alvaro lopez.
it will be available at NYCC at booth 3040 as part of an independent anthology called NOBODIES published by DRAWMOREINC.COM

i've posted a preview of my contribution to the book
i should use this more often!

i'll be publishing new work on a couple of upcoming anthologies!

BARSOWIA #16 (by polaquia) comes out in august
i tried to upload some drawings to my blogger blogs this morning and found the to be "eliminated"...
i panicked (one of them is 4 or 5 years old and another has been daily for over 2 years)
i searched on forums and tried to contact blogger/google... couldn't even figure out how...
20 minutes later they where back... just like that...